24 Jolly Animal Pics That Could Set Your Mood for 2021

3 years ago

The new year comes with resolutions, diets, and a mood reset for the 12 months ahead. And to help you with that last one, there’s nothing better than animals, complete with their pure souls, smiling faces, and comical behavior.

Bright Side wants to lift your spirits immediately and found the funniest animals that are perfect for the job.

1. “I said smile for the camera, but I didn’t think he actually would!”

2. “He fell asleep like this after a long day of chasing ducks and rabbits!”

3. “My friend’s hamster looks like he’s plotting to take over the world.”

4. “If you’re not paying attention to him, he stands on the coffee table and makes funny faces.”

5. “Ozzy found a ball on our walk and now he looks like Gary Busey.”

6. “My friend caught the true essence of my dog’s relationship with water.”

7. “Get in, we’re going to Petco.”

8. “I don’t know if I own a bridge or a dog.”

9. “Trying to do art with a cat in your lap can sometimes be, well, difficult.”

10. “When I say, ’cheese!’”

11. “Our mastiff thinks he’s a lap dog...”

12. “Now I know why my plant died.”

13. “This is the face he makes when he hears the word, ’frisbee.’”

14. “He was born on our deck and never left. He likes to check up on us, like any good neighbor.”

15. “My dog trying to catch a fry”

16. “My sister’s lab likes to sit and stare at this picture of himself.”

17. “My dog Dude’s face after I started to throttle my boat!”

18. “He heard a noise mid-bath and sat like this for 2 full minutes.”

19. “When the cat steals your favorite spot”

20. “Splish, splash, puppy’s taking a bath!”

21. “Rabbit decided to yawn right when I was taking this pic.”

22. “This is Gary. Sometimes his head detaches from his body.”

23. “My breeder told me all pug puppies have a weird quirk. I think I found my pug’s.”

24. “Caught red-handed! That face says it all!”

Which pic was your favorite? Share a photo of your pet that could put a smile on our faces too!

Preview photo credit teedpop / reddit


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Haha I'm saving this hamster pic, I'm sure I can make some good memes out of it :D


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