24 People Who Are Having the Worst Day of Their Lives

2 months ago

Our life is extremely unpredictable and sometimes it throws some crazy things our way that just leave us feeling confused. Who can foresee that some candy will crack your tooth or that you’ll accidentally damage your brand new furniture just by following the instructions? The heroes of our article answer, “No one can.”

Bright Side hopes you never get in unpleasant situations. But if such things happen, you should always remember that it’s just a single accident and the tide can turn tomorrow.

24. “Great way to start the day this morning.”

23. At least, the phone is great.

22. “My last roll.”

21. Car painting skills

20. “Oh, Postal worker, you are so funny.”

19. “After chopping potatoes, garlic, and parsley, this knife was broken by the butter.”

18. “My frozen pizza had the cardboard in between the toppings and the crust.”

17. When Disney characters don’t like you:

16. “Accidentally left a can of soda in the freezer overnight.”

15. Almost nailed it.

14. For the luckiest one:

13. That’s why you shouldn’t eat toffee.

12. “I tried to get the ball.”

11. Someone tried to eat an artificial apple.

10. “While trying to add a light switch, I just watched my father-in-law drill out the top of my wall. On the second try, he drilled through my hot water pipe.”

9. “I realize I have the only broken screen on the plane. This is why I don’t play the lottery.”

8. “One long flight with kids I don’t know. That’s my seat in the middle.”

7. “The passenger belt snapped out of my hand and lodged itself under the parking brake. Neither brake nor belt would budge. Had to call a tow truck.”

6. “When you ignore the caution tape and lose your shoes.”

5. How an ordinary day turns into an adventure:

4. Hopes died along with this pie:

3. “Just bought this. Finished setting it up and peeled the safety stickers off. These are supposed to come off.”

2. “I ordered bruschetta from my local pizza store.”

1. “I’m never gonna have drinks with ice again.”

Have you ever had moments like these? Share your experiences with us in the comments!


Beetle in the ice?! Never ever gonna touch iced tea again. Or anything else with ice.

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