25+ Animals Who Are Born Mood Makers

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It’s been proven that pets can actually provide emotional support to us. Interacting with a cat or dog for a couple of hours — even if it isn’t yours — can influence your mood greatly. And we have to admit that sometimes we wish we could bail on everything and just enjoy our 4-legged friends’ company.

In this compilation, Bright Side took on the responsibility to upgrade your mood and maybe even encourage you to get a friend that’ll be there for you whenever you feel down.

1. “We were so nervous to bring our newborn son home to meet our beagle. They were best friends right away.”

2. He heard someone knocking...

3. “My dog found a perfect spot to hide.”

4. A can full of puppy

5. “Come on! Come hide here with me.”

6. “Can I have all the treats?”

7. “My cat and I really need a bathroom schedule.”

8. He does this every time!

9. “They say I’m a dog but I’m not sure.”

10. When you finally get comfortable:

11. Looks just like the kitty from Shrek.

12. Who knows what they’ve been up to?

13. “It definitely wasn’t me. Well...”

14. “Our cat stole our dog’s bed. Fear and confusion ensued.”

15. “Have you stolen my food?”

16. “Yes, captain!”

17. Sweet dreams!

18. “Hooow dare you?”

19. “Was having a bad day and came back home to my dog playing on his back with this funny face.”

20. Seeing her owner with no makeup on

21. What happened to the rest of its body?

22. Captain loves to show off his luscious, wavy locks!

23. If you’re feeling sad, look at how happy this dog is with its hamburger!

24. “I was worried about how the dog would react to the new kitten. I think it’s safe to say he’s happy about it.”

25. That facial expression though...

26. “Hey! Who’s there?”

Is your pet as hilarious and outgoing as the ones above? Share them with us and who knows, maybe your pet will conquer the world with its cuteness!

Preview photo credit ughHugs / twitter


Animals are natural stress relievers. By getting an animal for yourself you get a guarantee that your days will never get boring :)

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