25 Brilliant Images That Every Parent Will Understand

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2 years ago

Every adult starts preparing for the arrival of a child in their life with great enthusiasm. But it’s only later that they realise just how many surprises they’re going to come up against as a parent. These surprises range from the heart-warming and joyous, to the hilarious, to the unpleasant. But through it all, they never lose that enthusiasm for parenthood.

Here are 25 brilliant images which everyone who’s ever had kids will understand.

Above all else, you think about getting some sleep

This might be a joint nap with the baby when out and about for the day...

...or in a nice comfortable bed.

You'd even settle for your baby's crib!

Of course, it would be ideal if everyone fell asleep at the same time.

You’re surprised to discover that your baby has the ability to cry constantly for hours on end

And then just when you think it’s never going to stop...

...the long-awaited peace and quiet finally sets in.

Their first bath doesn’t always go as planned

Sometimes, they really don’t like that bubble bath you bought specially for them.

Even simple things like eating can become quite tricky

It takes time to perfect this skill, but you’ll get there eventually.

The chances are, even if you manage to take a bite, your kid will be checking what you're doing with great interest.

Whereas your baby will happily put whatever it finds into its mouth

Parts of its body, for example.

Or toys.

Except for food. It won’t eat food.

You can’t expect to be able to just sit your child down and feed it without any fuss.

No, you have to use all your skill and cunning to achieve this goal.

During their first year, we’re always waiting for the next bit of progress

Finally, he’s started crawling. Although now he’s mobile, he can get into all kinds of trouble!

And end up in the most unexpected places.

Their first attempts to stand up are always a moment of pure joy.

But then this quickly turns to fear - what if he falls over?

Lots of dads quickly learn how to cope with their newborn

They always find a way to keep their little one busy.

And to get him to sleep.

And sometimes they even manage to clean up!

Those with pets will know that our four-legged friends are often as good with the kids as their parents

Cats are great at keeping baby calm, for example.

Even kittens know how to help!

Big dogs are also great helpers when it comes to helping mom and dad.

However difficult the first months and years are, caring for a child is the foundation for bringing a family together. So remember — don’t try to rush things, and just enjoy this wonderful moment in your life for what it is.


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