25 Deep Cleaning Sessions That Managed to Clear Years of Dirt and Neglect

2 years ago

With time and use, our house can end up not only discolored but also full of dust and dirt. Many times we forget to carefully clean every corner and the longer we overlook those little details, the more we start noticing just how much our favorite places lose that special touch, light, and color that made them so great. Before the dust, they had this specific shine that we liked so much but fortunately, there is nothing that can escape looking like new after a good cleaning.

Bright Side wants to invite you to see how some places change after being washed with care.

1. “Cleaned my grandmother’s oven yesterday. The before and after feel so nice! (She’s 96, so be kind about the before photo.)”

2. “A well-spent afternoon. First-time power washing.”

3. “2 days of hard work were well worth it for this before and after.”

4. “This is what we do every year at my parents’ house”

5. “Outdoor stairwell, before and after”

6. “I pressure washed the stone wall in front of my house”

7. “5 years of muck gone!”

8. “My first time playing with a power washer! About a year of fox fur and dirt on this bed.”

9. “My hard work today”

10. “Long time lurker, first-time power washer! I’m hooked.”

11. “I love restoring old game consoles. Here are some pictures of a XBOX 360 I am cleaning up.”

12. “Did my first refurbish. The Gameboy was rescued from a hoarder house set to be demolished.”

13. “My first power washing experience. Absolutely delighted!”

14. “Bought a house recently and decided to power wash the brick patio. Had no idea they’d be different colors.”

15. “Father-in-law left me a job to do!”

16. “Paddleboat half-power washed after a flood”

17. “Mom’s old garden chairs”

18. “My brother’s house was the perfect place to test out my new power washer!”

19. “Power washed the rest of the bricks! Feels good.”

20. A great before and after collage that shows the greatness of power washing

21. “Bought a new home. First time owning a pool but this seemed way overdue.”

22. “I was almost drooling when this client asked for an estimate.”

23. Power washing the stairs won’t hurt anyone!

24. “Customer wanted a ‘test spot’ to convince her husband that power washing needed to be done.”

25. “So anyway, I started blasting”

What things do you have in your home that could change drastically with a good wash? Do you often power wash stuff? Share your before and after pictures of objects you’ve power washed and we might make a new compilation with them!

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Preview photo credit levelonerules/ Reddit


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