22 People That Captured a Moment of True Happiness

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It’s rare that we see true happiness, but it’s possible to capture these warm moments in photos. And even though these kinds of photographs are online now instead of in family albums, they still make us feel the sweetest emotions.

1. “My dad turned 100 today and was pretty happy about it.”

2. This is what true happiness looks like.

dobriani / pikabu

3. “My dad finally upgraded his phone and is now traveling and taking selfies everywhere — I thought this one was worth sharing since he looks so happy.”

4. “My face after I just got asked on my first ever date, I’m 24...”

5. “For the first time in my entire life, I finally have a bedroom set.”

6. “I got married at 18, became a mom at 21, and worked for a very conservative preschool for the last 5 years. I spent so long trying to dress the way I thought I should dress. This year, I’ve started dressing for me again. It’s been so much fun. Here’s me taking a risk and wearing fishnets out today.”

7. “I can’t have a pet, so getting to visit a cat cafe instantly transports me to my happy place.”

8. “After a super difficult 2018 of having to start over and launch a new business from scratch, 2019 ended with not only being one of my city’s People of the Year, but I also snagged the cover. Super grateful as to how things have been playing out lately.”

9. “My son gave me his watch for good luck at my interview today after seeing I was nervous. The love I have for that kid is immeasurable.”

10. “I never even wanted kids. I never wanted to be a single mother. But when I see how hard she pushes me and how much she loves me, without even understanding sacrifice, I see how truly blessed I am. And I smile every day. I smile because of you, baby.”

11. “My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible.”

12. “I got engaged!!! 3 years ago I met the most amazing man who helps me learn to love and value myself. I can’t believe we’re going to get married!!!”

13. “My boyfriend and I said ’I love you’ for the first time! My heart is so full.”

14. “I started the New Year by proposing to my girlfriend. I’d been preparing for about 3 months.”

c0m3b4ck / pikabu

15. “My wife wasn’t conscious to celebrate Thanksgiving in the ICU, but she’s awake in time for her favorite holiday!”

16. “I finally live in a town I love, have a home I want to be in, and the girl of my dreams. It took a decade of loss, but now I have another decade to start fresh.”

17. “We adopted an 11-year-old cat from a Chicago shelter. He and my 13-year-old daughter fell in love. This is them after she got back from a week at camp.”

18. “Me with the first copy of my first children’s book”

19. “This is my boy Ace. I bottle-fed him and the rest of his family since they were 2 days old. They all went to happy homes and Ace stayed with me. He used to bite the nipples off all the bottles. So now he bites and tugs on blankets. I love him very much.”

20. “My dad ’didn’t want a cat.’ And today he built a house for our pregnant cat.”

21. “My brother spent months digitizing reel-to-reel videos our dad took of us as kids. Even though he’s 90 and now has dementia, today dad got to relive it all.”

22. This student dancing with his granny at prom

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit tiffanymcclure / reddit


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