20+ Public Signs That Rocked the World With Their Jokes

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If you travel a lot, you may come across a lot of public signs that are in place to keep you on the safer side. As useful as they are, they may also seem a bit boring. But sometimes people make some honest mistakes or there are some funny people in the world who make the road signs so funny, that they definitely make the journey more fun than the destination.

1. Even this bathroom sign knows the truth.

2. Pizza king!

3. What a perfect marketing scheme!

4. Living has never been free anyway...

5. Imagine a rebellious dog peeing on this sign.

6. Now that would be interesting.

7. One of the greatest burns ever!

8. “I’d never seen such a jolly and carefree danger skull before.”

9. When reality turns out to be oxymoronic:

10. You. Don’t. Matter. Give Up.

11. Can Thomas the Tank Engine read this?

12. We’re “never gonna give up” ice cream, and this ice cream is never gonna stop Rickrolling you!

13. Make sure you don’t knock them over.

14. Hygiene is important no matter which universe you belong to.

15. Yup, never give up.

16. That’s totally biased!

17. Never mind, I’ll just send them a text.

18. “I’m going to miss this event yesterday.”

19. Slowing down may save lives.

20. Such a cheesy sign

21. We’ve all had those days.

22. A better option than virtual dating

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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