26 Dramatic Animals That Could Outshine Jim Carrey

5 years ago

It’s a pity that our pets can’t speak because according to the emotions they sometimes show, they would be good speakers. Whether it’s good acting or sincere feelings — the faces of our pets sometimes can’t be left unnoticed.

Bright Side collected photos of animals who have something to say to this world. And they do it very well with the help of their facial expressions only.

1. “My cat looks like he is singing when he yawns.”

2. “It’s all mine...”

3. When you wake up at another cat’s house:

4. “My pup was unimpressed that he wasn’t allowed on the boat.”

5. " I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger."

6. “Come on, don’t tell me that there is an owl behind me.”

7. “How are you doing, cutie?”

8. Defeated but not broken!

9. “I told you I don’t like birthday parties.”

10. “My colleague taught his dog how to play dead.”

11. This cat lives the life we all aspire to.

12. “Does my fur look beautiful? Am I posing nicely? Quick, take a photo of me!”

13. “My dog next to my mom’s puppy, 8 months difference between the two pictures. The emotions of my dog seem to be speaking loudly.”

14. “Every time I’m putting my shoes on to go to work she looks at me like this....”

15. When you are completely out of energy:

16. “One of our cats, Luna, was very upset that she was taken to the vet for vaccinations so on the way home she hid in her ‘mother’ our dog Lily.”

17. “Feeling sad that they don’t want to hold me in their arms.”

18. Happy father

19. When you are very offended:

20. That priceless look:

21. “This is Jane. She likes going for rides in the car.”

22. “Where is our breakfast?!”

23. “Muah!”

24. When Friday evening is finally here:

25. Keep smiling like this wonderful dog does!

26. “Did you say I need to take a bath?”

Have your pets ever expressed their acting skills? Please share their photos with us in the comments!


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