26 Situations That Only Experienced Cat and Dog Lovers Can Understand

3 years ago

The more experienced a person is in one area, the more they understand tiny details. And this applies to taking care of a dog or a cat since this can be seen as an art as well. After all, one can’t get a pet and instantly become a perfect owner. Experienced pet owners possess a bunch of information and always worry about how their sweet fluffs are feeling without them, and they can spot a like-minded person right away.

Bright Side believes that pet owners can always understand each other with just a few words, which is why we found several posts on the Internet that can make you think, “Oh yeah, I get what you mean.”

“Cat owners will understand. This is the only way I can drink milk.”

“The first people who appear on the streets on January 1 are dog owners.”

“Something tells me I’m not the only cat owner encountering this issue.”

— “Where does your owner sleep?”
— “Wherever he finds a place.”

“Only cat owners know the pain.”

“When you have a dog”

Cats are mad about their owners’ belongings.

“When you’re trying to take a photo with a dog”

“OMG, you got trapped in the water spray box again?! Are you okay?!”

“He is obviously trying to become a master of disguise.”

“The ’perks’ of playing with my cat when he’s in scratch/bite mode”

Experienced dog owner hacks

“Can anyone help me figure out what type of plant this is?”

“The fight for the couch is on.”

“Cold mouse hand? Get a cat.”

Attention! Sock stealer wanted!

“My cat has strategically chewed a hole for his head in his favorite cardboard box.”

“My husband captured this photo of my dog and me. It perfectly describes the partnership I’ve built with her!”

Cats have a super ability to move through space.

“He never looks amused.”

“It’s hard to work in such conditions. One cat is about to fall off my knees and the other one is trying to get on my lap.”

“4 dogs, 1 bed — there are more than enough beds, blankets, and cozy sleep spots on the couches around here for everyone, but they insist on piling onto one bed.”

They always want to take your food.

Need new friends? Get a dog!

“When it’s time to visit the vet”

“Who needs a blanket when you have a dog?”

What typical cat or dog things do your pets do?

Preview photo credit tempura_tantrum / Reddit


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I have 4 cats and there's no way in hell I can eat on my own. And God forbid I have chicken in the house 😂


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