30 Outlandish Laws That Really Exist in the US

5 years ago

In Tennessee, students cannot hold hands while at school, while in Arizona, when you get your driver’s license, you can take your photograph while wearing a colander. Do you think we’re joking? Trust us, we aren’t! Most American states have eccentric laws.

Bright Side created a collection of such wacky laws that will shock you and will definitely make you laugh. Make sure that you don’t miss the bonus at the end!

California: If a frog dies during a frog-jumping contest, you cannot eat it.

Florida: Participating or permitting dwarf-tossing in bars, restaurants, and other places selling liquor can get the owner fined up to $1,000.

Georgia: People engaged in llama-related activities like riding, training, or goofing around will be held accountable if they happen to suffer llama-related injuries.

Alabama: Using confetti is illegal.

Alaska: In Alaska, you can drink in a bar but you’ll be fined for getting drunk.

Arizona: Feeding garbage to pigs is not allowed unless a permit is obtained.

Arkansas: A pinball machine cannot give away more than 25 free games to any player who keeps continually winning.

Illinois: A seller of reptiles must advise the buyers not to kiss it.

Indiana: It is illegal to catch a fish with your bare hands.

Kentucky: Public officers, lawyers, and legislators must take an oath stating that they’ve never participated in duels using deadly weapons.

Massachusetts: Playing or singing the national anthem, not in its entirety or rendering it as dance music, is punishable by a fine not exceeding $100.

Michigan: Cars cannot be sold on a Sunday.

Missouri: If a ram or bull runs amok for more than 3 days, any person can castrate the animal.

Montana: Driving animals onto railroad tracks with the purpose of damaging the railways can lead to a fine of up to $50,000, prison time not exceeding 5 years, and other repercussions.

Nevada: No one can use an X-ray machine to estimate a person’s shoe size.

New Hampshire: Carrying away or collecting seaweed at night is illegal.

New Jersey: Committing robbery wearing a bulletproof vest is illegal.

New York: Wearing a mask and congregating in the public is a crime.

North Carolina: Bingo games must not last over 5 hours.

Ohio: Toilets in underground coal mines must have an ’adequate supply’ of toilet paper.

Rhode Island: Professional games, except ice polo and hockey, can be played on Sunday only after obtaining a license.

The law says that “Professional athletic games, except ice polo and hockey, may be played and held in any city or town on the first day of the week under a license therefor issued by the licensing authorities of the town or city...”

South Carolina: Musical instruments may not be sold on Sunday.

South Dakota: Farmers can use explosives and fireworks to safeguard their sunflower crops.

Tennessee: Students may not hold hands while at school.

Vermont: Clotheslines are energy devices that are based on renewable resources and cannot be banned.

Washington: In Skamania County, Washington, harassing a Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or other undiscovered subspecies is a felony punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment.

Bonus: Crazy things you can do in the US:

You can own a tank in every state of the US.

You can drive barefoot.

9 states allow you to keep a brown bear as a pet.

In Arizona, you can get yourself photographed wearing a colander for your driver license.

Which law did you find to be the weirdest? Do let us know in the comments below. Do you know of more funny and strange laws? Share them with us in the comments!


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