30+ Things That May Happen to Us Before 2050

2 years ago

We are supposedly expecting a new “mini ice age” in the 2030s, and by 2050, we might be able to taste and smell through our devices. But this is just a fragment of what the future might hold for us. Thanks to the fast development of technology along with all the different methods of scientific predictions, it’s very easy to imagine what could happen in the near future.

We at Bright Side grew curious about what the future will bring, how medicine will evolve, and how technology will impact our lives. So we did some research and got answers that might amaze all of you.


  • Mind-controlled robotic prosthetics might become widely available.
  • Bioengineered skin grafts that will replicate real skin might become a thing.
  • More electric cars will be sold, and sales might increase to over 7 million vehicles.
  • The global temperature will increase by 34.7ºF.
  • The world population will reach over 8 million people.
  • The number of connected devices per person might become 9.5.
  • Almost everyone will start charging their devices using Wi-Fi.
  • Smart kitchens will turn cooking into an enjoyable and interactive experience.


  • Surgeons might be able to reroute nerves in our bodies so that paralyzed people could start using their hands again.
  • It might become the end of the TV era. After all, internet TV offers us a lot more, like the chance to rewind, pause, and choose what content we’re more interested in.
  • The use of passwords might become history. This is because most computers will be able to brute-force human-generated passwords. It will stay as a second alternative but, if used as a first option, it might trigger an alarm.
  • Some people around the world might be rated according to their environmental life choices of purchases, food, transportation, and practices at home. This will leave a footprint that will give us benefits and calculate taxes. Also, it might be visual on our social networks.
  • Scientists might drill into the earth’s mantle, which is the layer between the crust and the super-hot core.
  • Some countries might start banning fuel-based vehicles, making electric cars mandatory.


  • New train technology will embark, with trains that can travel at 3 times the speed of airplanes.
  • Earth will already be in the new “mini Ice Age” due to the decreased solar activity by even 1%. The last time Earth was in a “mini Ice Age” was in 1645.
  • Scientists will be focused on gene-editing technology.

  • Vehicles will have vehicle-to-vehicle communications, sharing info between each other about their brake status, heading, and speed.
  • People will be focused on new implants that will give them the chance to “upgrade” their senses. The implant will do this by detecting more signals.


  • Scientists might be able to erase as well as restore memories in the human brain.
  • With memory implants, they would speed up the time for prisoners who have maximum sentences so that they could serve time in one day.
  • Society might collapse due to food shortages.
  • The world population will be over 9 billion.
  • The average count of devices per one person could reach 19.
  • A new generation of people will already be walking on Earth, known as the Hybrid Generation, consisting of people born between 2026 to 2045.
  • People born before 1985 might have a hard time adjusting to the new technology while those born after might have an easier time.
  • Gadgets and computers will become even smaller and have amazing storage and power capacity. Some devices might even sport gesture interfaces and become holographic.


  • Brain implants might start to become widely available, but for entertainment purposes and to help people with disabilities.
  • “Brainprints” might be added as additional security to fingerprints.
  • Due to the significant rise in sea level, there might be tidal flooding in 2045. This could force people out of their homes.
  • Sweden already announced that they are planning to go “carbon neutral” by 2045 at 85%.
  • Skyfarms might be built over highly populated cities to add more environmental benefits. Some of the benefits that they will target are cleaner air and energy as well as purified water.


  • Technology will help you smell and taste different types of flavors through AI technology. They will be kept in a digital archive.
  • It might be a time when people start to feel nostalgic for the past, similar to how we are for the ’90s today.
  • Artificial Intelligence will hit from every corner, starting from AI police to AI surgeons.
  • By 2050, Mars might have reached a population of 1 million people.
  • With over 9.7 billion people in the world, 2 billion won’t have a regular or good source of water, and air pollution will affect the lifespan of humans.
  • Coffee will become a luxury due to global warming.
  • The temperature will increase again, now by +36.5 F, which is the highest so far.
  • Also, 50% of people will be short-sighted.
  • Flying cars could start hitting the air as well as the road.

What’s your prediction for the future? Do you think AI will give us benefits? Which prediction from our list do you believe and like the most, and why?

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im just hoping earth dosent become like the movie IRobot atleast while im still liveing here


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