30+ Weird Bathrooms Designed by People Who Clearly Had No Intention of Using Them

3 years ago

Going to the bathroom is a personal and non-transferable ritual that deserves to be respected. So far, we thought there were 2 types of people. Those of us who use these moments of privacy and self-reflection to solve pressing world issues. Then, the rest of the world, those who prefer to spend their time scrolling through social media or playing games.

We’re not pointing fingers or anything like that, feel free to place yourself in any of the categories above. It’s just that, at Bright Side, we think we discovered a third type of person, and we’re not too happy about it: those who clearly had no intention of using the bathrooms they designed... Take a look at the pics, and we think you’ll agree with us on this.

1. If you’re into privacy, this is clearly your bathroom choice...

2. Bathroom’s downstairs, literally.

3. So you can high 5 your best bud, even in the so-called private moments.

4. We are still unsure of whether the person who designed this was a mad genius trying to defy the rules of gravity or if they were simply having a bad day.

5. A toilet decorated with seashells... it doesn’t look very comfortable, to be honest.

6. When you’re into multitasking...

7. “Don’t get sucked in!”

8. This is what you might call a useless door.

9. Reaching for your toilet paper was never this hard.

10. The perfect waiting room, if you ask me.

11. “My friend’s bathroom is also the entrance to his basement.”

12. “These creepy people are trying to grab me in the bathroom.”

13. An improvised bidet

14. Not my kind of show, thanks.

15. The Avengers advertising department took things a step too far.

16. Ah, we would be lost if it wasn’t for engineering.

17. You know when you’re in the parking garage and you need to go to the bathroom? No? Anyone?

18. The perfect place to have a casual conversation

19. A risky solution: installing a soap dispenser on top of an electrical outlet

20. For art lovers only

21. Cobra print — the latest trend in Paris, baby!

22. A bathroom between 2 rooms

23. Big Brother is real and he’s watching you through this door.

24. Big Brother 2: the second glance

25. You people are in for a show tonight!

26. We agree, paper towels are important.

27. Feel like playing baby foosball?

28. At least no one can see your face...

29. “What’s up, doc?”

30. If this is supposed to be a portal, we’re not sure where it leads.

31. Wait a minute... Something’s not ok here.

Which of these designs did you find the craziest? Have you ever found yourself in an unusual situation when entering a restroom? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit AtheistComic / Reddit


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