5 “The Mummy” Facts That Will Take You Straight Back to Ancient Egypt

5 months ago

Some movies remain forever in our memory, even if years go by without watching them. That’s not surprising, since it’s hard to forget a truly immersive experience that takes you to fantastic worlds for a few hours and shows you exciting adventures. People who grew up watching The Mummy movies have a unique feeling of nostalgia when rediscovering Ancient Egypt and the universe created by the franchise.

1. Brendan Fraser had to be resuscitated during filming.

When filming a stunt, actors willing to perform them are exposed to accidents. Brendan Fraser almost didn’t live to tell the tale. While shooting a scene in which Rick is lifted into a rope around his neck, he lost consciousness, and the film’s medical team had to intervene to bring him back.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio could have starred in the movie.

It is hard to imagine anyone other than Brendan Fraser playing the role of Rick O’Donnell, the great protagonist of the saga. But interestingly enough, Leonardo DiCaprio was very close to getting the part as well. He was offered the role and was even willing to accept because he loved the script.

However, DiCaprio was shooting The Beach, and he asked to delay the production to star in The Mummy, but the proposal was rejected.

3. They used real insects.

Since the film is supposed to be a deep-sea adventure and wants to evoke a sense of discovery, the characters had to interact extensively with different types of insects or snakes to have true reactions. Although many of them were made by CGI, others were real, for example, the rats on Rachel Weisz’s chest when she is tied with a rope.

4. Producers planned a fourth installment with Antonio Banderas as the bad guy.

After the success of the third installment, producers thought it was feasible to have a fourth part of the saga. It was rumored that it would be about the Aztec empire and that the villain would be Antonio Banderas. But Universal backed out of the project to prioritize a reboot with Tom Cruise, which was a big flop.

5. The same mansion appears in Batman Beggins.

Some locations are used in different films, and only very observant viewers will realize that. For example, Mentmore Towers Manor in London has been used for numerous films, including Rick O’Donell’s home in The Mummy and Wayne Manor in Batman Begins.

Bonus: The triumphant return of Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser went through tough times in his personal and professional life after the great success of The Mummy saga. Therefore, it is excellent news for all fans that supported him in his personal struggle that he’s coming back in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale.

The film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, and Fraser’s performance was so acclaimed that he even received a well-deserved six-minute standing ovation.

Do you think Brendan will ever play Rick O’Donnell again in a new installment of The Mummy?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s illustrious career is peppered with intriguing anecdotes and lesser-known facts. Named after the Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci, DiCaprio faced initial challenges due to his unique name. Despite grappling with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, he has consistently showcased his commitment to environmental causes, even purchasing an island with eco-friendly intentions. His personal life, marked by a penchant for dating younger women and his philanthropic endeavors alongside Kate Winslet, further paints a multifaceted picture of the acclaimed actor.


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