6 Reasons to Start Showering Every Other Day

2 years ago

Most of us shower once a day or more. But if you ask yourself why we need to clean ourselves every 24 hours, you may realize that we take a shower way more than it’s necessary. In fact, frequent showers don’t do us any favors in terms of our looks and even our health.

The Bright Side team decided to find out what would happen if you started showering less often and why this habit may be worth breaking.

1. You’ll be less exposed to infection.

You may be thinking that taking a shower every day is healthier than showering less often, but in reality, it works the other way around. Frequent showers may disrupt the balance of microorganisms on the skin, leaving it less protected and more vulnerable to infection. Our immune system needs certain stimulation by bacteria and dirt, and showering too often may weaken the immune system and its ability to protect us against viruses.

2. Your skin will thank you for it.

Long, hot showers may feel relaxing and leave your skin squeaky clean, but they can also contribute to its premature aging. Our skin is covered with a fatty outer layer that locks in moisture to keep the skin plump and younger-looking for longer. Washing and scrubbing can remove this protective layer, leaving your skin irritated, wrinkled, and dry.

3. Your hair may start growing faster.

As contradictory as it sounds, washing your hair daily can eventually make it look even more dull and greasy. When you wash your hair every day, you’re removing an outer layer of sebum that serves as a protective shield against damage. As a response, your pores will start to produce even more of this substance, causing your scalp to feel itchy and irritated, and eventually, it will clog the pores. This, in turn, may sabotage hair growth, keeping your hair from feeling and looking its best.

4. You might lose extra weight.

Taking a relaxing shower right after having a delicious meal might sound appealing, but this habit may actually cause you to gain extra weight. Digesting food requires proper blood flow to the stomach. When you hop in the shower, it causes your body temperature to drop, which confuses your digestive system. When done regularly, this may damage your digestive system, causing you to put on some weight.

5. You’ll be less prone to allergic reactions.

Showering too often may be a contributing factor to those annoying allergies of yours. When the skin’s acid mantle is damaged, it reduces its ability to fight against external stimuli. Washing all the dirt off the skin makes our immune system become “lazy,” which, in turn, may lead to allergies, asthma, and even diabetes.

6. It’s better for your reproductive health.

Much like our skin, the delicate area around your private parts also needs its bacterial balance to stay healthy. The water with which we clean ourselves may contain heavy metals and other harmful chemicals, let alone the many perfumes and artificial additives that are present in soaps and shower gels. Exposing yourself to these chemicals daily may disturb the good bacteria inside your private parts, causing itching, irritation, and various infections.

How often do you think we need to shower? Have you ever tried to go a day or 2 without taking a shower?

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it would be hard for me to not to shower. It's some special ritual for me where I relax and calm down daily


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