6 Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying Too Hard

2 years ago

Just because losing weight is by no means easy, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be super difficult. While you’ll still have to indulge in your favorite snacks a little less often and probably spend more time at the gym, making some easy lifestyle changes will also help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Here at Bright Side, we know that losing weight means making some sacrifices. And we searched the Internet to find some tips and tricks that can help you break your goal down into easily doable steps.

1. Brush your teeth before eating.

Properly brushing your teeth not only makes your breath smell good, but can also help you lose weight faster. Brushing for two minutes three times a day can help you burn approximately 5,500 calories and lose about 1.5 pounds a year without even noticing it. And if you like to over-snack in the evenings, brushing your teeth after a meal might keep you from reaching for another cookie because it’s unlikely you’ll want to have to brush and floss your teeth again.

2. Never leave your home without a bottle of water.

Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial for your beauty, health and overall wellbeing. In addition to keeping your skin wrinkle-free for longer, drinking enough water can provide a feeling of fullness and tame hunger. Drinking cold and room temperature water also helps you burn more calories because your body needs more energy to heat up the water for digestion. To make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, take a travel bottle of ice water with you wherever you go.

3. Buy a zester.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s better to cut back on salt and soy sauce, but there are lots of much healthier ways to make any recipe tastier. Adding some lemon zest to your salad will not only give it a fresh citrus flavor, but may also help you shed some extra pounds. Because lemon peels contain pectin fibre and make you feel fuller for longer, it can help you lose weight faster and slow down fat accumulation.

4. Invest in a sleep mask.

Losing weight while you sleep may sound too good to be true, but sleeping in a dark environment can actually help you get closer to your weight loss goals. Trying to get some shut-eye with a light affects the regulation of metabolism, which in turn can increase your risk of weigh gain. And if you don’t have blackout curtains, consider buying a good quality sleep mask that will help you block the light and sleep better.

5. Use smaller plates.

Something as simple as using a smaller plate might help you lose weight, avoid over-eating, and even prevent annoying heartburn. Serving your food on a smaller plate may help you trick your brain and reduce the amount of calories you’re eating.

6. Make lower-calorie swaps.

Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to forget about your favorite snacks at once. Making some simple, lower-calorie swaps can help you enjoy delicious meals while keeping your weight under control. If you’re used to beginning your day with a bowl of sugary granola, opt for oatmeal instead. You can add some fruits and honey to it to make it taste just as good.

Have you ever tried to lose weight? What helped you the most?

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