7 Chinese Habits That Help to Look 20 Years Younger

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China is a storeroom of wisdom and secrets that can help you to live long and healthy. Sometimes only gray hair can be a hint of real age. Of course, good cosmetics can help to make you look fresher, but it’s important to support your body from the inside as well.

We at Bright Side admire beautiful Asian people and would like to share with you some more secrets that help their youth become timeless.

1. Have a vegan day each week

Chinese people often amaze us with how they manage to stay and look young. Actress Xu Qing at the age of 53 looks like she is not more than 30. Definitely, the Chinese know some secrets.

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that one of the most important things about beauty and youth is detox. Besides eating fresh food and avoiding bad habits, it says having at least one vegan day a week can be very helpful.

2. Don’t add salt to rice

Salt could be a key factor in allergic immune reactions, researchers say. Such a small thing as lowering sodium intake can slow down aging. Chinese don’t put salt while cooking rice.

3. Drink lotus leaf tea

Lotus leaf tea can be served as a cold and hot tea. It has many benefits such as promoting urination, losing weight, and helping with stomach problems. It’s especially recommended for those who gain weight from eating fatty and greasy foods. Specialists suggest drinking three to four cups of lotus leaf tea every day on an empty stomach.

4. Practice Tai chi

Experts say that Tai chi can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression and increase energy, stamina, and flexibility. It can be a good replacement for yoga because it’s also mindful. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to benefit from Tai chi.

5. Use a mung bean face mask

If you have never heard about the usefulness of mung beans, here is one more ancient Chinese secret. Just mash them into a paste and apply to your skin. It’s very helpful in healing acne and depuffing.

6. Apply a turmeric mask

One more effective mask is turmeric. It may help treat certain skin conditions on the face. You can buy it in a pharmacy or make a mask by yourself by adding yoghurt or honey. Please, consult with your doctor to avoid allergy and irritation.

7. Eat fungi

In China, they add fungi to many dishes. But it’s not just tasty mushrooms, but very therapeutic in traditional Chinese medicine. They contain unique compounds that are effective against viruses. Among fungi mushrooms, the best ones for human health are straw mushrooms, shiitakes, truffles, and milk mushrooms.

Moreover, this product is a good source of vitamin D, packed with minerals, and contains low calories and antioxidants that are so important for keeping your body young.

What tip would you like to try first? Is it difficult for you to go a day without meat?


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