7 Curious Things Your Voice Reveals About You

4 years ago

Less than a second is needed to reveal personality using only a voice. It may seem unbelievable, but your voice can tell a lot about you. It not only sounds unique, it carries useful and sometimes unexpected information.

We at Bright Side were surprised by the hidden clues that are easily detected just by listening to someone’s voice. Height, strength, and other special features about you can be learned from hearing you speak. And you don’t even need to be seen, everything will be clear regardless.

1. Sociability

Your voice can indicate your personality, or more specifically, if you are extrovert or introvert. During one study, people listened to computer-generated speech, which was modeled to sound like the voices of introverts and extroverts. As a result, participants were able to identify personalities. Extroverts speak faster and louder, and introverts, on the contrary, express their thoughts in a quieter and slower manner.

2. Trustworthiness

A simple “Hello!” can tell people how trustworthy you are. 64 versions of this very word were heard by volunteers from another study. And almost all participants chose men who made their pitch higher at the end of the word as being more trustworthy. For women, vice versa, the ones with the lower pitch at the end of the word were considered more trustworthy.

3. Height

Your voice can indicate how tall you are. Over the course of 2 experiments, people were asked to identify the tallest of 2 speakers and to arrange 5 speakers in height. And 62.17% of the participants were able to distinguish the taller talker. The taller the person, the lower and deeper their voice.

4. Fertility

It turns out that the menstrual cycle not only affects mood and hormonal changes, but it also affects the voice. According to this study, it becomes higher with the approach of ovulation. So women with a higher voice pitch may be more fertile.

5. Strength

The voice is able to show the strength of a man, namely the strength of his upper body. The participants of one study listened to the voices of men from different countries, speaking their native language, and then evaluated their strength. As a result, they were able to accurately determine how strong the men were. The stronger men had a deeper voice.

6. Professionalism

Your voice can have an influence on your career. This study found that people with vocal fry seem to be less educated and less competent. And this is especially true for women. This can even influence an employer’s decision and point them toward choosing another candidate.

7. Parkinson’s disease

Changes in voice may indicate Parkinson’s disease. Patients have a slowdown in speech, their voice becomes quieter, and a shortness of breath appears. People begin to talk monotonously, and in later stages tremors start to be more apparent.

Have you ever made an impression about a person based on their voice? Can you describe your voice? We would like to read your thoughts in the comments.


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Oh, that's pretty cool. I have never thought that voice can tell so many things about us


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