7 Facts That May Make You Question Absolutely Everything

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The universe is huge and eternally intriguing. However, even as we explore and learn more about our world, some things remain a mystery. We invite you to put on your explorer hat and join us on a wild ride as we uncover the weird and wonderful secrets of the world.

People in Australia see the moon upside down.

Many moon portraits are orientated, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. Because Australia resides in the Southern Hemisphere, the moon seems to be upside down compared to what we’re used to.

Jacob sheep may have anywhere from 2 to 6 horns.

The Jacob is a spotted sheep that typically has black and white wool on it. The average weight of a male is 160 pounds, whereas that of a female is 100 pounds. Their horns can be as few as 2 or as many as 6, and this is their most defining trait.

The Earth’s rotation is slowing down.

The Earth’s rotation has slowed down by roughly 6 hours in the past 2,740 years. While this may seem significant, it equates to a mere 1.78 milliseconds added to a 24-hour day over 100 years.

A can of Diet Coke will float in water, while a can of Coke will sink to the bottom.

The diet can floats, while the can with the sugar sinks as a result of their different densities.

A full moon may affect people’s sleep.

According to a study, a full moon may have distinct impacts on the sleep patterns of males and females. The research found that females tend to experience less sleep and reduced REM sleep during the full moon phase. However, males tend to have more REM sleep at this time.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote the first CV in history.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote a paper for the Duke of Milan when seeking employment as a military engineer. He highlighted his impressive array of designs for siege weapons, including the formidable trebuchet. Additionally, among the technical details, he also included a humble statement about his artistic abilities, saying, “In painting, I can do everything possible.”

The sun can swell to become more than 300 times larger.

According to a recent study, at the end of its life, the sun may be 300 times larger than it currently is.

Which fact made you question what you thought you knew about the world?

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