7 Meanings That Can Hide Behind Your Dog’s Weird Behavior

2 years ago

You may have started to notice that your dog likes to follow you when you’re in the bathroom, hump pillows, or make circles before lying down. Such behavior can be easily explained, which means you can stop wondering if your pet is just crazy.

We at Bright Side conducted a little research on why dogs do weird things, and we’d like to share the curious conclusions with you.

1. Why dogs follow you into the bathroom

If your dog likes watching you while you sit in the toilet, don’t worry, your furry friend is neither weird nor crazy. It’s actually normal behavior for pets. There can be several reasons why dogs do this.

  1. They don’t want to be alone. If you’re home, your dog just wants to be with you all of the time, and they don’t have a concept of “me-time.”
  2. Your dog is bored and curious. Staying home for a long time is very dull for a pet. They might be searching for a small reason to have some activity.
  3. Your dog wants to be sure you’re safe. Basically, they just act as your bodyguard.

2. Why dogs kick when you scratch their belly

It’s a completely involuntary reaction. If you scratch or tickle your dog’s belly, it may irritate them a little. It happens because nerves under his skin are connected to their spinal cord. They get irritated and send a message to the leg muscles to kick to get rid of the irritant.

3. Why dogs walk in circles before they lie down

62 pets were tested, and it turned out that more than half of the dogs turned at least one full circle before they finally rested. Dogs were 3 times more likely to make a circle before lying down on an uneven surface than on a smooth surface.

Such behavior can be explained by dogs’ ancestors who had to sleep outside. Walking around a spot was a way to stamp down grass or snow to create a soft surface, like a nest for sleeping.

4. Why dogs hump

Humping is a common behavior among dogs that can embarrass their owner. Veterinarians say that it typically has nothing to do with a desire to breed. There are 3 reasons why pets do it.

  1. It’s an attempt to show dominance. Your dog is just showing you who rules the situation here.

  2. It’s a sign that the dog is stressed and over-stimulated. They also can get out of control.

  3. It’s a sign of a medical problem and can signal infection or irritation.

5. Why dogs sleep on clothes

Besides the fact that your clothes can be warm and comfortable, your dog may just be attracted to your scent. You’re a pack leader, so they may want to feel your smell for security reasons.

Also, your dog may experience separation anxiety. They simply miss you.

6. Why dogs tilt their head as they listen to you

They look so cute when they tilt their heads. But trying to hear sounds better is not the only reason why they do this. Some doctors suppose that it helps them with vision, so when they tilt their heads, they can see better. That’s why puppies do it more because their vision is not as developed yet.

7. Why dogs eat poop

In many cases, dogs start to eat their own poop because of some kind of environmental stress. This behavior is triggered by isolation, anxiety, and the need for attention.

Also, dogs who are fed in proximity to their feces may make a connection between the odors of food and poop.

What weird behavior and habits does your dog exhibit? How do you train your pet to make them get rid of bad habits?


when I ask my dog if he want's to go for a walk, he looks at me and tilts his head, this is extremely sweet 😍
my granny's dog follows anyone to the toilet, it's sooo annoying 🤣
Sometimes. Just sometimes. My dog follows me every single place that I go. But the other times he straight out ignores me and just face the wall and pretend he's sleeping and can't hear me😂🤣🤣😂

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