7 Reasons Why Kirk Douglas Was One of the Most Admired People in Hollywood

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One of the last remaining actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Kirk Douglas, may have passed away but his charisma and charm will always be alive in our hearts. The 103-year-old legend was also a producer, author, director, and a soldier, serving as an inspiration to millions of fans across the globe.

Bright Side would like to list why Kirk Douglas was so loved and why he will always be admired as a true icon.

1. He never hesitated to work hard.

Born into a poor Jewish family, Kirk’s early life was full of struggles. Before becoming one of Hollywood’s most recognized faces, Kirk used to sell snacks for a living. He also served in the US Navy for 2 years and fought in World War II. After returning, he gave his love for acting a chance and did stage shows and commercials before landing his first big role.

2. He always said what he meant.

They say fame changes people but that saying doesn’t apply to Kirk. He was raw when it came to expressing his emotions and he became famous after that. In fact, in his autobiography, The Ragman’s Son, Kirk described himself as “the most disliked actor” which is obviously not true but his sense of humor and rawness have a separate fan base of their own.

3. He donated millions to schools and hospitals.

Kirk knew how hard it was to grow up in a family low on funds so he decided to give back to those less fortunate. Both he and his wife Anne collected the huge amount of $80 million and gave it away to help build schools, hospitals, playgrounds, etc. He revealed that his mom once told him that he should “take care of other people” and he never let go of that.

4. He was a great husband and a loving father.

Kirk wed Anne Buydens in 1954 and they were happily married until Kirk breathed his last breath. They have 2 sons together and 4 grandchildren. Before Kirk met Anne, he was married to Diana Dill and father to Michael Douglas and Joel Douglas. Kirk always made a point to spend time with all his children and their families.

5. He won an Academy Award after suffering a major stroke.

After spending most of his life in great health, in 1996, Kirk suffered a major stroke and lost his ability to speak. However, being the legend he is, Kirk didn’t lose hope. With the help of doctors and his wife, he was able to speak again. His ability was limited but empowering. Only 2 months later, he accepted an honorary Academy Award and thanked the audience at the ceremony while also dedicating it to his wife!

6. He was the world’s oldest active blogger.

Kirk was an actor, a soldier, a philanthropist, a director, a producer — and also a blogger! He had amazing writing skills and penned down emotional articles from time to time for various Internet platforms including HuffPost. It’s believed that he was the oldest blogger in the world.

7. He appeared in over 90 movies and TV shows and won tons of prestigious awards.

Best known for Spartacus, Ace in the Hole, The Vikings, and Lust For Life, Kirk played parts in more than 90 movies and TV shows. He produced about 30 movies and directed 2. For Hollywood, Kirk was a rare gem who was a jack of all trades. From prestigious Oscars to Golden Globes, he won them all and was also honored by various countries for his military service and contribution to entertainment.

When you hear the name Kirk Douglas, which movie/TV show comes to mind? If you could tell him one last thing, what would you say?

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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He was a great guy, I really like the film "lust for lie" with him


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