7+ Effective Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Have Up Her Sleeve

11 months ago

Attention all beauty enthusiasts and cosmetic lovers. Spending hours in front of the mirror, desperately searching for the perfect look can be tiring. Well, search no further.

Whether it’s using rosemary to make your hair shine or using the under-eye pinch test to remove dark eye circles, we’ve got you covered. Check out our simple and effective must-have tips for your everyday beauty routine.

Try the under-eye pinch test to treat dark cicles

This test is to help you to determine what you need to do to fix your dark circles under your eyes. Simply pinch the soft skin under your eyes. If the pinched skin goes white and the darkness disappears then your skin is most likely thin. In this case you need a vitamin C eye cream to remove your dark circles.

If the dark color remains on your pinched skin then you’ll need something to adjust the discoloration of your skin. Try using a retinol eye cream to improve your dark under-eye circles.

Brush your lips

Instead of grabbing your toothbrush to brush your teeth, try giving your lips a gentle scrub. This will exfoliate them and help to make your lips look healthier by removing the dead skin cells that have built up over time. Rather than having cracked and bumpy lips, you may find they will be smooth and soft, perfect for your lipstick.

Start slugging to moisturize your skin

Slugging is a term used for excessive use of oils and creams to moisturize your skin or hair, and the benefits are undeniable. It can leave your skin glowing with hydration and soft as a baby’s bottom. First you’ll need to soak your face with water or start after a shower or a bath. Apply your moisturizer to your already damp skin before locking the moisture in with something like saran wrap.

By applying it to your skin over the moisturizer you’re preventing the moisture from escaping, meaning that it has to go into your skin. This means that your skin will absorb more moisture than usual, leaving it super hydrated and dewy.

Massage your lymph nodes to reduce a puffy face

The lymph nodes of our body can store a lot of fluids if they don’t drain properly, leaving you a little swollen. So if you find that your face is often puffy it could be a sign of water retention and your lymph nodes in your armpits not draining correctly. To fix this, simply give your face and neck a gentle massage down to your armpits, starting from your face and continuing downward.

Remove styes with castor oil

Styes are an infection caused by blocked oil ducts in the eyelid, which can often be caused by the buildup of oils and dirt over time. To remove this eyesore, carefully apply some castor oil to the stye using a Q-tip. After a few days you’ll start to notice that the stye is getting smaller and that the area is less red and swollen.

This is because castor oil is very effective against bacterial infections, like styes. Research showed that after using castor oil on infected eyes, the infection started to diminish.

Treat acne with sulfur gel

Applying sulfur gel can be a great way to remove acne over time, a technique that has been used as far back as by Cleopatra. This is because of its antibacterial properties that will help to clear acne, as well as rosacea. You can either use a gel or cream, or there are washes, leave-on lotions, and foams available, all of which can help to reduce your acne.

Increase your hair growth with rosemary water

Not only does rosemary water help to stimulate hair growth, it can also reduce dandruff. In fact, one study found that rosemary oil is just as effective as the hair growth medication Minoxidil (Rogaine). Simply boil some fresh stems of rosemary in water for 20 mins before poring the water into a spray bottle to store in the fridge for up to one week. Spray it onto your hair roots once a day.

Massage your platysma muscle for a face lift

The platysma muscle could be considered the muscle of youth because keeping it healthy can help your face look young. One of the visible signs of aging is our face “falling” down. The platysma muscle connects the lower face with the chest and when it becomes tense and shortened over time, it pulls down the entire lower face structures.

To massage this muscle to keep it strong you should gently roll the skin upward in sections by pinching any loose skin and gently lifting it up toward your neck. Doing this regularly can be a huge part of preventing premature aging as blood flow is increased to the area, increasing collagen production.

Drink coriander seed water to reduce bloating

Coriander seed extract can improve your gut health and promote healthy digestion, according to a study. And coriander seed is also good at reducing bloating, a sign of an unhealthy digestive system as gases get trapped within the stomach. To reduce the effects of this uncomfortable occurrence try using more coriander seeds in your diet.

To do this, get some raw coriander seeds and soak them overnight in a glass of water. The next morning strain out the seeds and drink the water left over. This will help your body to digest your foods better, and so stopping the process of bloating.

Sometimes we miss the essential details that pull our look together and accentuate our best assets. For example, using a thicker eyeliner can make your eyes look heavy and highlight your wrinkles, whereas a thinner eyeliner will work to lift your eyes and face, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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