7 Subtle Signs That Can Give Away Your Age

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2 years ago

Sooner or later, most women begin to notice and conceal the first signs of aging: whether it’s hiding wrinkles or dying their hair. Among such visible signs of aging, there are more subtle effects that we don’t notice at first. We only start to pay attention to them when it’s too late to do anything about it. Do you know what signs of aging you should pay more attention to?

Bright Side did some research, and here’s what we found to help answer this burning question.

7. Ears

This is hardly the first thing that most people pay attention to, but an earlobe and the concha (the cartilage between the ear and the head) lose their natural elasticity over the years. Women who love to wear big earrings are particularly exposed to such changes.

How to prevent this:

Big, heavy earrings can become a huge danger for the stretching of an earlobe. If this bothers you, avoid wearing them as much as possible. Even a pair of small stud earrings are best to be taken off before going to bed. Another useful tip to preserve your ears’ shape is to nourish and moisturize them regularly using a cream. This way your skin will keep its elasticity much longer.

6. Neck

While most women take care of their face on a daily basis, many unjustly neglect the neck area. Although there are many types of cosmetics that might help prolong the youth of this part of your body, most of them have just temporary effects. Since there are no fat components in the neck, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkled with time.

How to prevent this:

Even after you’ve noticed the first signs of aging, you can try to turn the clock back. However, it’s always better to prevent such skin conditions before they occur. Don’t forget to take thorough care for your face and neck by cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. Also, a great trick to keep a firm neck is doing face exercises.

5. Forehead

Different attempts to get rid of forehead wrinkles might easily backfire and reveal your age even more — under the influence of fillers and botox, the lateral forehead fat gets atrophied. As a result, the forehead loses its natural shape and becomes very flat.

How to prevent this:

Your main concern should be avoiding any kind of botox treatment. It won’t even be necessary if you try to prevent the appearance of your first wrinkles by smoothing them with creams and face masks and doing special exercises.

4. Eyebrows

When you’re young, you have high, perky eyebrows. However, brow ridges tend to “drop” lower with age and the distance between the eyes and eyebrows shortens. It can often make a person’s face look harsh.

How to prevent this:

Don’t wait until the drop in your eyebrows’ ridges becomes severe. When such changes become noticeable, it will be very hard to do anything about it except for botox treatments or permanent makeup. You can avoid this from happening by doing regular face exercises.

3. Lips

A lip’s philtrum, or the vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip, is a very attractive part of a woman’s face that helps makes it more expressive. Over the years, skin in this area smoothes and makes a face lose this particularly expressive feature.

How to prevent this:

It’s not that hard to keep a lip philtrum more visible. Simply do five minutes of lip muscle training a day. This should be enough to make it stay firm.

2. Hands

Just like the neck, our hands don’t have fatty tissue — that’s why wrinkles appear on them even before the first signs of aging attack the face area. Visible veins on the hands can visually intensify the feeling of getting older.

How to prevent this:

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to fix the effect aging has on your hands. However, you can try to prevent it. To keep your hands’ skin young and firm, don’t forget to moisturize and nourish them. Don’t neglect to wear a pair of gloves when you cook, clean or do other household chores. For extra prevention, do this 10-minute arm exercise so you never feel shy about wearing short-sleeved clothes for many years to come.

1. Facial contour

With age, facial muscles become weaker, leading to the descent of the skin. As a result, the lower part of the facial contour changes.

How to prevent this:

Just like the abdominal muscles, facial muscles require regular exercise — only it takes much less time, making it easy to fit these facial exercises into your schedule. Spend a couple of minutes exercising each day to help keep your face young.

Do you know any anti-aging tips that help you look better? Share them with us in the comments.

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