7 Things to Keep in Your Car That Are Absolute Lifesavers

There are plenty of practical tricks you can use to fix your car troubles when going on a road trip or simply picking up food on the way home from work. All you have to do is get a little bit creative and you may be surprised at how trouble-free, and even enjoyable it is to solve your own car issues without spending a ton of money.

Bright Side put together a list of things that are inexpensive and may come in handy to use for your car.

1. Nail file to cover scratches

nail file is probably one of the most useful things to keep in your car during the winter months. When your rubber strip gets covered with dirt from the snow, it doesn’t really work to its advantage on your windshield.

The way to solve this problem is to take the wipers off and rub them with a nail file. This way, you’ll be fully set for a few months for that special road trip you were planning.

2. Hair conditioner to shine

If you want to keep your car shiny and put a stop to the appearance of water streaks, the ideal thing to do is use a hair conditioner.

First, get a bucket of water and add car wash soap, then wash over your car with straight strokes, but make sure to rinse immediately after you’re done. Change the water in the bucket if it gets dirty. Once this is done, add half a cup of hair conditioner in the bucket and smooth it over your car with a cloth. Rinse it all over, dry it with another cloth, and voila!

3. Keep your food hot

While this may not be something you can use as a quick first-aid tip, it can be a speedy tip when you order some take-out food.

If you are worried about your food getting cold, there’s no need. On your way home, place your food on the seat and turn on the seat warmer. This works with any kind of food, whether you got pizza, a burrito, or even nachos.

4. Coffee filter for the interior mess

coffee filter will help control and soak up the tiny messes in your car. Make sure to keep a couple of them in your car just in case. Simply pat a bit of olive oil on the coffee filter and then wipe it over your car’s console. You can use it on leather seats and on the interior doors too.

5. Cereal container as trashcan

There are many things you can use as a trashcan in your car to keep it organized and clean, but the handiest item would be an empty cereal box. A cereal box has a lid to hold the trash inside and keep it from falling out while you are driving, and the lid can also secure the trash bag inside. It won’t steal too much legroom in the passenger seat, as it is stiff and easy to move to the side.

6. Pill bottle to store coins

You may have a bunch of coins scattered around in your car that you want to put away. Gathering them all in your wallet and carrying them around with you seems unnecessary, so the easiest way to avoid this is to pile them up in an old pill bottle.

7. Rubber kitchen gloves to remove pet hair

Put the rubber gloves on and dip your fingers in water to make them slightly wet, then rub them over your car seats. You will notice that some chunks of your pets’ hair will be easily picked up.

What will you now keep in your car at all times in case of an emergency? What do you usually keep in your car when you go on a road trip?


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