7 Things We Forgot to Thank Our Mothers For

3 years ago

Sometimes we take our mothers’ care for granted. From looking after us at a young age to adulthood problems, our mothers were there by our sides, giving us words of advice. Because of that, we have grown so used to our moms’ attitude that we’ve forgotten how thankful we should actually be.

For all the people out there, we at Bright Side would like you to remember the various and sometimes forgotten reasons why we should be appreciative of our beloved and cherished mothers. We hope this touches your soul as deeply as it touched ours.

1. For managing the possible and impossible in the name of family.

Mothers could be considered guardian angels, for all we know. These women are the foundations of families and someone we can always count on, no matter what. Our mothers overcome any difficulty and still manage to make themselves and their families even more resilient.

Some mothers were relegated by society and their partners but still never failed us, their sons and daughters. Even through financial, emotional, and various issues, our mothers still managed to feed, educate, and protect us in their warm embrace.

2. For facing the world and still putting us above herself.

Mothers are the perfect example of abnegation. From carrying us for 9 months to giving birth and taking care of each step of our childhood and even adulthood, mothers are our heroes. For all the moments we were cold, hungry, or sick, our mothers were by our sides, taking care of us.

When that meant skipping work, a trip, or an important event, our mothers didn’t even think twice and chose to care for us, their children. For that selflessness and all the attention mothers gave us, we should all be grateful.

3. For going miles and miles for a better life.

This one goes to immigrant mothers who left their cities and countries with their families to find better life conditions somewhere else. There are few words to describe how brave some of our mothers were to decide on leaving their land and moving elsewhere in the world to provide us with peace, education, and a chance at having a better future.

Some mothers risked their lives and comfort to, once again, supply us with the best — even if that meant learning a new culture, a new language, and adjusting to a whole different reality. Because of this, our mothers deserve our most sincere gratitude.

4. For being brave, inspirational women.

Life may not have always been kind to our mothers, but they were the kindest to us. Even then, our mothers taught us to see life at a sweet, yet realistic perspective. Even through all adversities, our mothers were brave enough to recompose themselves and lead the way, showing us what inspiration looks like.

By teaching us and being role models, we form a bond of strong, inspired, and wise families. For that, we should thank them with all of our hearts.

5. For guiding us through the ways of adulthood.

As people we love, our mothers teach us all through our childhood and teenage years how to be an adult, and they continue to do it forever. Through experiences and wisdom, our mothers show us how to make tough decisions, face adversities, choose people we have relationships with, and also, how to be a mother to our own kids.

6. For teaching us valuable life lessons.

That “no” to buying an expensive toy taught us the value of money. That lecture about sticking to our studies taught us about the importance of knowledge. Refusing to let us go out and come back whenever we wanted showed us the importance of safety.

Although we may not have understood at first, our mothers taught us life lessons we will never forget. Most importantly, they did it because of love and care.

7. For the utmost unconditional love only mothers could give us.

A mother’s love is simply unique. Biological mothers, adoptive mothers, stepmoms, young and elderly mothers, moms who are among us, and moms who have departed this life. They all have the power of giving us a kind of love that is so pure and unconditional.

For the mothers who took care of us throughout our lives, we thank you warmly.

What are you most proud of your mom for? What are you most thankful for? What was the most important thing your mother taught you?

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