8 Anomalies Proving That Nature Can Beat Anyone — Just Look at Its Power

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It seems that modern science has an explanation for everything that happens around us. But as it turns out, nature has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve like lakes that disappear overnight, raining fish and other amazing things that are so scary and impressive, people often try to provide explanations for them that are far from correct.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at these amazing natural phenomenon and anomalies that still can’t be explained by scientists. You can try to look for explanations as you go — take a stab at the crazy anomaly we’ve prepared in the bonus!

8. A massive lake disappeared overnight.

This seems impossible, but in Chile in 2007, Lake Riesco completely disappeared overnight. Scientists studied this phenomenon and saw that a buildup of water opened a crack in an ice wall along one side of the lake. That’s how water found its way out of the lake and disappeared.

7. “Thunderbolt”

This phenomenon used to scare people in ancient times. The place where lightning strikes is sometimes electrified, so it can injure or even kill a person.

6. Raining of fish and other creatures

This is a very rare natural phenomenon — the raining of animals. They can be fish, spiders, and even frogs. The first person who seriously started researching this mystery was André-Marie Ampere. He suggested that sudden gusts of violent wind could lift animals, which would rain them back to the ground when the wind disappeared.

Later, scientists added more information to this idea: it wasn’t just wind, it was a water tornado. This would explain why some animals would become frozen because the tornado elevated them very high. But there still hasn’t been much deep research done in regard to this phenomenon.

5. Frozen animals

Yes, this tearful photo represents a fox who drowned under ice. Someone found it and left it on top of the ice’s surface to inform people about the danger. Unfortunately, such cases are not rare, even though animals know where dangerous spots of thin ice are.

4. Lava flow that looks like an inferno

This photo was taken in the West Kamokuna lava flow skylight in Hawaii. It looks like an actual entrance to hell with souls flying into it. In reality, it’s caused by the lava tube itself: when lava flows rise and retract, it creates a stationary crust. But it’s still terrifying.

3. Varnished rocks

Many rocks in deserts are covered with an unusual material known as “desert varnish.” What’s most interesting about it is that ancient people carved images onto it that can still be found today. Even though scientists managed to find out what it was made of — clay, iron, microorganisms, and manganese — it is still not known what made the varnish in the first place.

The main theory is that the varnish was produced by microorganisms found in it to protect themselves. But this is only a theory.

2. Mount Baldy’s sand dune

A very rare and dangerous anomaly was found in Mount Baldy. This mountain is a sand dune that’s referred to as “alive and traveling” because it moves several feet every year. But the danger lies in the mysterious holes that appeared in the dune.

They were first found when a small tourist, a 6-year-old boy, fell inside the hole. A rescue team found the boy and saved him. After this incident, scientists started researching the holes and discovered a new geological phenomenon: the dune decomposition chimneys.

1. Ice tsunami

This is a unique and scary natural phenomenon that occurs when just the right wind speed and temperature are present. Ice sometimes leaves lakes and comes up over the land like a frozen tsunami. Of course, it’s slower than water, but it can still move pretty fast and be hard to stop. People who have seen it claim that the sound is like an oncoming train. But it’s not the sound that’s so scary, it’s the destruction it causes.


A short time ago, a strange line appeared on Google Earth that went from one pole of the earth to the other. Internet users started sharing the pictures of a similar-looking line in the sky. What do you think this could be?

Which of these natural phenomena amazed you the most? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Laszlo Kestay, CC0 1.0, 3urny / reddit


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