8 Awkward Situations Celebrities Got Into That Didn’t Even Cause Them to Miss a Beat

4 years ago

Each of us has been in a situation that we would prefer to not tell others about. But it’s much easier for us, as ordinary people, to forget about it because it’s just us and a couple of witnesses who know about those awkward moments. While celebrities, who are known by the entire world, might find it more difficult to do. Therefore, the main thing is to maintain your sense of humor and remind yourself that everything will pass.

We at Bright Side hope that these failures will happen as seldom as possible and that they will leave nothing but a wide smile on people’s faces.

Meryl Streep lost her shoe.

The actress got a BAFTA award for her role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. However, when Meryl was walking up to receive the award, her shoe had a mind of its own. The good thing is that, being a true prince, Colin Firth returned the runaway shoe to the celebrity’s foot while kneeling on one knee. Streep even bestowed Firth with a kiss due to her overabundance of feelings

Tom Hanks is teased by his fans.

The following funny dialogue took place between Tom Hanks and TV host, Graham Norton:

Graham: What do people mostly say to you when they see you one the street?
Tom: Oh, they used to yell “Houston, we have a problem!” or “Run, Forrest, run!” — that’s a biggie. But now they just yell, “Wiiiiilsooooon!”

It’s all about the ball — the friend of the character played by the actor in the movie Cast Away.

Samuel L. Jackson was mistaken for his colleague Laurence Fishburne.

A news host mistakenly (we hope so) mixed-up the actors on live TV. After this upsetting episode, Samuel L. Jackson wore a T-shirt saying “I’m not Laurence Fishburne.” Just in case.

Katy Perry wasn’t able to walk on stage after she jumped into a creamy cake.

The 2008 Latin American MTV Awards ceremony was supposed to be hot — Katy was supposed to jump out of a cake, but this seemed too trivial for the singer and she decided to jump on it. Well, that could’ve been a cool idea, but there was one “but.” The cream was too slippery and Katy kept falling, so instead she turned her performance into slapstick comedy.

Meghan Markle forgot to remove the tag from her new dress.

Meghan Markle’s personal stylists and assistants obviously didn’t have enough time to make the duchess up appropriately during her flight from Fiji to the Kingdom of Tonga, and Meghan appeared in public with a tag on the bottom of her dress. Of course, this is just trivial and many people recall this oversight with a smile.

Someone stole nuts from Elizabeth II.

The royal guard encroached on nuts that were meant for the royal family (It is customary to leave cups with cashew nuts and almonds in the corridors and personal chambers in Buckingham Palace). However, the queen noticed that these yummy snacks were disappearing at a rapid pace and it annoyed her so much, that she started to mark the cups. It all ended when the court administration officially asked the guards to restrain themselves from eating those nuts.

Robert Pattinson was dumped by a fan.

Even a handsome guy like Pattinson can have unsuccessful dates. According to Robert, a fan of his was chasing him everywhere and when he noticed her at his apartment, once again, he invited her to a restaurant. After a brief date where Robert kept complaining about how hard his life was, the girl disappeared.

Daniel Radcliffe was mistaken for a homeless guy.

The famous actor shared an interesting story that made him be more careful about the clothes he wears and care more about his appearance, in general. When he and his girlfriend were walking the dog, she went into a shop leaving him outside for a while. It was cold and Daniel knelt down by the dog trying to warm the animal up. At that moment some passer-by approached Radcliffe and gave him $5 saying, “Get yourself a coffee, mate.”

What are some awkward situations you’ve gotten into? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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That Colin Firth - Meryl Streep moment of Cinderella was so awwww ? ? ?


Let's take a moment here to admire Meghan Markle's amazing style - with or without price tags :p


Sometimes Daniel looks way too overgrown with beard, so it's not hard to mastale him I guess ?


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