8 Cases When Royals Expressed Their Opinions With the Help of Clothes and Accessories

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Every public appearance made by members of the royal family attracts a lot of attention, which is why their outfits are extremely meaningful, down to the tiniest details. Also, royals rarely express their opinion publicly and, in some cases, it’s even forbidden for them to do so, and that’s why they use intricate and subtle ways to send their messages to the world.

We at Bright Side are going to tell you what royal looks we managed to decipher. Sometimes all you need to do is look at the color of a dress or the length of a skirt to find messages. At the end of the article, you will learn how masterfully Queen Elizabeth communicates with her assistants with the help of a handbag.

Princess Diana’s business looks

After her divorce, Princess Diana created her own style that broke royal protocol. Lady Di’s wardrobe was filled with numerous outfits that could be considered merely business suits if not for one detail. Pay attention to the length of the skirt in the photo above — it is significantly higher than the knees, while the royal protocol says that skirts should be knee-length or lower.

Such outfits became somewhat of a symbol that the princess had taken control of her life and was now deciding what to do on her own. Apparently, Diana challenged age-old conventions.

“Diana had a daring sense of fashion, reflecting her nonconformist attitude to the world. She wasn’t afraid of being different or the ever-increasing media controversies. She claimed ownership of her life and wasn’t shy in speaking up about her struggles. Her power suits were designed to fit her unapologetic and confident personality.”

The green lining of Prince Harry’s suit

The photo above shows the last appearance Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made as members of the royal family. Few people noticed it, but Harry gave a sign to the whole world that he supports his spouse entirely. The green lining of Prince Harry’s suit perfectly matching his wife’s dress color became a silent sign of their unity.

Her Majesty’s brooch

This photo was taken in Jamaica. When visiting other countries, Kate Middleton often dons jewelry connected with the receiving party. For example, this green dress was complemented with a large bird-shaped brooch that had been previously presented to the Queen by Jamaica.

Meghan Markle’s “blessed dress”

Before their visit to Australia, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they were expecting a child. The Duchess of Sussex opted for a snow-white, straight dress created by a little-known Australian designer, Karen Gee, during her first public event in Sydney. The outfit was called a “blessed dress,” which was conveying both a nice diplomatic step toward Australia and a hint of good news.

Kate Middleton’s clutch bag

As we mentioned before, Kate Middleton uses accessories to outline the connection to the place she is visiting. This event was taking place during the Caribean tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the territory of an ancient Mayan city in Cahal Pech. Kate accessorized the dress with a locally crafted clutch bag decorated with traditional Mayan patterns.

A purple feather on Queen Elizabeth’s hat

Elizabeth II donned an outfit with prevailing lemon-yellow and purple colors for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. An expert on color psychology, June McLeod, claims that purple hues hint at the Queen’s approval of Prince Harry’s choice.

“Purple is a proud color. It also symbolizes cleansing and indicates a passion for creativity.”

There is another interesting thing here. The brooch that the Queen donned is connected with Meghan Markle’s wedding tiara. Both these pieces of jewelry belonged to Queen Mary. This is another gesture that the Queen made in support of Meghan.

Kate’s emerald dress

The creation of this custom-tailored dress was inspired by Lady Di’s outfit — pay attention to the emerald shade of green here. The only difference is that Lady Diana had puff sleeves, while Kate opted for a more modern look with open shoulders. By choosing this outfit, Kate honored the late princess’s memory and showed respect to her mother-in-law.

Kate Middleton’s brooch in the shape of an oak leaf

This is a little-known fact, but the oak leaf holds big meaning for Kate Middleton. This tree is a symbol of Berkshire County, where Kate was born. The spouse of Prince William has her personal coat of arms that depicts 3 acorns. Thus, the brooch emphasizes that Kate has a noble status.

One of the most significant public outings she made with the brooch was at a Christmas service, where Catherine appeared together with Meghan Markle amid rumors about their quarrels.

Bonus: Queen Elizabeth’s handbag

Royal family experts say that Queen Elizabeth II sends secret messages to her assistants as skillfully as James Bond. To do it, the monarch uses her handbag. If the Queen moves the accessory from one hand to another during a conversation, her assistants will understand that she wants to finish the dialogue with an unwanted interlocutor. If she puts the bag on the floor, it means the unpleasant meeting should be finished as soon as possible.

Do you attach special meaning to the clothes and accessories you wear? Or do you simply opt for the things that you feel comfortable in?


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