8 Celebrity Couples Who Have Unusual Stories of How They First Met

It seems that fate and destiny are in fact true, because they’ve brought many celebrity couples together. No matter how unusual or rare their meet-and-greets were, a lot of them stumbled upon each other by chance. Just like us, they met in the usual places like restaurants or hotels, and their encounters were like out of a movie, literally.

1. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

When Kristen and Dax met for the second time, they were at a hockey game, and he asked her if she had some gum. “He asked for gum, I said no, I didn’t have any. Then I pulled the gum out of my mouth and said, ’Only this.’ Then he took it.”

After this strange but cute encounter, Dax said he got Kristen’s number from a friend of theirs, and sent her a message saying, “Hi, my name is Dax. I violated your privacy and got your number from Shauna. How do you feel about that?” They got married in 2013 and now have 2 daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

2. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Katy and Orlando first met when he stole an In-N-Out burger off her table in 2016.

“He stole a burger off of my table. I was sitting with Denzel Washington, and he took it, and I was like, ’Who...oh, you’re so hot. Fine, take it. Then I saw him at a party, and I was like, ’How are those onions resting on your molars?’ He was like, ’I like you.’”

3. Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

This lovely couple first met in a hotel in Italy in 2015. Alexis was speaking at a tech conference while Serena was there for the Italian Open. “This big guy comes, and he just plops down at the table next to us, and I’m like, ’Huh! All these tables, and he’s sitting here?’”

The people at Serena’s table told him there was a rat there — trying to get him to move, and he refused. He then said, “I’m from Brooklyn. I see rats all the time.” Once Serena saw that he wasn’t scared, she invited Alexis to join her group.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

This power couple met in 1998 when Catherine was told that Michael wanted to meet her. She was a bit nervous because she was unsure what he wanted to meet her about. When they finally met, Michael had a very cheesy pick-up line that made Catherine rethink their future together.

“I said to her, after about half an hour of hanging out, ’You know, I’m going to be the father of your children.’ It sounded good, and she said, ’You know, I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’ve seen a lot about you, and I think it’s time I say goodnight.’”

5. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

These 2 experienced love at first sight after meeting at a restaurant in 2018. She was sitting with a mutual friend, and her friend said to her that he noticed John was sitting with another friend.

“And that was it. He was sitting with our friend Justin Theroux, and he abandoned Justin and came over to us. He just stood there and made me laugh. I kind of knew right away.”

6. Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

Reese and Jim met at a friend’s house party. “It happened out of the blue. This guy was hitting on me, making such an idiot of himself, yelling at me. He was slurring and scowling, saying, ’You don’t know me.’ And I was like, ’Yeah, I know. I don’t know you!’”

Shortly after that, Jim came in to save the day. He said, “Please excuse my friend. He’s just broken up with someone.” Reese was impressed by Jim’s reaction and said, “That’s just kind of who he is, a really good person.”

7. Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley

Tamera was a famous teen actress known for her role on Sister, Sister. However, Adam had no clue who she was and just thought to himself how pretty she was.

They were set up by their economics professor Robert Sexton, who taught at Pepperdine University. He has pictures of his favorite students up on the wall next to his desk. “Tia was on the wall too, my twin, but he pointed to my picture.” If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is!

8. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly’s first date was when he asked her to go to the roof he always used to hang out at. However, the door was locked, so they had to climb down off a dangerous 3-story balcony, while Megan was wearing heels.

On their second date, they went swimming with sharks, alone, without being in a cage. Talk about risk-taking.

How did you meet your love? Was your experience also unusual?


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