8 Cool Facts About Tall People That Totally Blew Our Minds

6 months ago

Tall folks often face a towering stack of stereotypes, from reaching for the top shelf to being asked if the weather’s different up there. But beyond the surface, lies a world of unexpected traits. From remarkable health advantages to intriguing social dynamics, tall people defy expectations in more ways than one. So, if you’ve ever wondered what else makes them stand out besides their height, get ready to discover the awe-inspiring world of the vertically gifted.

1. Tall people tend to be kinder.

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Being tall comes with its own set of challenges, and one of them is the unintentional perception of being dominant or intimidating. To counteract this, many tall people make a conscious effort to be more easy-going and kinder to others. But there’s nothing wrong with spreading joy and kindness regardless of your height.

2. Height can influence your income.

Do we have a bias about height? It certainly seems that way. According to statistics, even a single extra inch of height can result in an average of $1,000 more in annual income. Just imagine, the 6-foot tall man makes a cool five grand more than his 5’7″ colleague.

On the flip side, it’s no secret that Hollywood prefers shorter actors, especially leading males.

3. Being tall is good for your heart.

It’s a pretty eye-opening finding that shows how our genes and height can have a real impact on our heart health. According to some researchers, if you’re on the shorter side (under 5 feet 3 inches), you might have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to taller folks. Statistics show that for every 2.5 inches you’re taller, your risk of heart disease decreases by about 13.5 percent.

4. The taller you are, the higher you rank.

It’s no secret that height often comes with an extra dose of social status. When you’re towering over the crowd, people tend to literally look up to you. Tall individuals often command attention and exude a natural confidence that can be quite captivating.

As a result, they often end up in leading positions and ranking higher in society. For example, 58% of CEOs in the US are over 6’0 feet tall.

5. Tall people are more prone to injuries.

When it comes to avoiding getting hurt, tall folks may have a few more hurdles to tackle. Their long limbs and a higher center of gravity can make their life look like a constant game of navigating through door frames and low-hanging obstacles. But being cautious and adapting to their unique physical attributes can help mitigate the risks associated with tall stature.

6. ’’Tall personality’’ is a thing.

Turns out that ’’standing tall’’ has both figurative and literal meanings. When people talk about having a “tall personality,” they’re actually referring to qualities associated with being naturally tall, such as high self-esteem and assertiveness. So, even if your real height is around average, you can still ’’act tall’’, and people will see you as someone who exudes a strong presence, takes charge, and dominates the room.

7. Women feel safer around tall guys.

There’s something about tall guys that gives some women an extra sense of security and make them feel more feminine. It’s like having a personal bodyguard by their side. Taller fellas often have that imposing presence that says, “I’ve got your back, no matter what.”

Thanks to society’s norms and stereotypes, we’ve come to associate height with strength and protection. But it’s always good to remember that safety is about more than just inches. Honest communication, respect, and building trust is what makes us feel safe with someone.

8. The relationship between height and jealousy differs between men and women.

When it comes to height and jealousy, men and women have different stories. Taller guys tend to have it easier — they’re seen as more attractive, dominant, and successful in reproduction, which can lead to less jealousy.

But for women, it’s a bit more complicated. Research has shed light on this intriguing link between height and jealousy among women. Interestingly, women of average height were found to experience the least amount of jealousy. However, as women deviated from this average height, whether taller or shorter, levels of jealousy tended to increase.

Remember, true charisma and personality shine through regardless of height. So, embrace your own unique qualities, stand tall in your own way, and let your inner star shine bright, regardless of the inches on your measuring tape. After all, it’s not just about how high you stand, but how you carry yourself with confidence that truly counts.

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