8 Signs You’re Living With Pests That Usually Go Unnoticed (and How to Identify Them)

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2 years ago

Every year termites alone cause nearly $40 billion in damage around the world and affect more than 600,000 homes in the U.S. This is why it is so important to catch pests early, before they go unnoticed for too long and wreak havoc in your home. Telltale signs of pests include peeling paint, holes in your carpet, and webs around your pantry cupboards.

Bright Side wants to show you the best ways to tell if you are sharing your home with unwanted guests, and what the early signs of an infestation are.

1. Yellow paper stains

Pest: Silverfish

Main signs: Holes in books and paper and little piles of yellow dust around their feeding area. You may also find their shed skin around the house.

2. Peeling paint

Pest: Termites

Main signs: Crumbling wood damage and hollow-sounding wood are other ways to identify if you have a problem. It is also possible that you may hear noises in the wall of them chewing. Little mounds of termite pellets may also start to appear around, which look like piles of salt or pepper.

3. Clusters of holes in carpets

Pest: Carpet Beetles

Main signs: These beetles will go for any materials that are animal-based. This means that you should look out for damage in fabrics like wool, silk, feathers, and fur. Unlike the moth holes in clothing, these will be in clusters and lines. You might also notice where they’ve shed their skin if you look closely.

4. Webs around your flour packets

Pest: Rice and granary weevils

Main signs: There are several types of weevils that can get into our food cupboards. Typically you will know if you also find dried larvae shells in your flour and floury dust around the webs and packets. You will also notice holes in your rice where the rice weevils have laid their larvae.

5. Small brown moths in your pantry

Pest: Indian meal moths

Main signs: You may discover clumps in your flour which serve to warn you that you have an infestation at hand. You may also notice clusters of gray/white eggs laid on their food sources, like dried fruits, nuts, grains, flour, spices, and pet food.

6. Dark fecal smears on surfaces

Pest: Camel crickets

Main signs: If they hang around long enough they might start eating your stored goods in a quiet area like a basement. You may notice damage to your garments, carpets, cardboard boxes, and even wood.

7. Small red stains on your surfaces

Pest: Clover mite

Main signs: When they feed on plants they leave behind small silver streaks on the leaves. You may also notice damage in your garden with brown wilted grass, as their population grows.

8. Yellowing and wilting of household plants

Pest: Aphids

Main signs: They leave behind a honeydew on your plants’ leaves as well as a black sooty mold fungus. If you look under the leaves you will see clusters of yellow or green aphids attached to your plant as they suck out its sap.

How do you deal with pests at home? Please share you experiences with us!


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I had no idea about the plants, that's a good one to know


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