15 Small Doses of Happiness We Didn’t Know We Needed Until Now

2 years ago

A random act of kindness that leads to happiness is all that we crave after a long week. While some take a moment to enjoy such moments, there are a few people who captured doses of happiness to help make your day.

At Bright Side, we took things to the next level and compiled a list of uplifting stories people shared across the Internet.

1. This child found his doppelgänger in the new Disney movie, Encanto.

2. These band-aids are designed to match different skin colors.

3. Packed cheese in a Japanese school lunch

4. This inclusive restroom sign!

5. “Just finally realized that this was the band-aid the nurse gave me. I’m a 35-year-old male. It made me smile.”

6. “Went to visit a friend today who knows I’ve been feeling down. He surprised me with a classy festive tea party!”

7. “Was having a horrid day at work, and a customer who I’ve only talked to twice came in and gave all of us a Christmas present.”

8. “Currently waiting at the eye doctor and a 95-year-old lady is giving everyone homemade pot-holders because it makes her happy.”

9. “I asked for a joke inside the box...Domino’s made my day!”

10. “Got 2 Reese’s cups in a fun-size singles pack.”

11. “Saw this in a parking lot full of completely normal spaces.”

12. “My long-distance boyfriend whom I haven’t seen for almost a month sent me this cute bouquet that made me so happy!”

13. “This wet floor sign made my day.”

14. “The coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup made some happy little trees.”

15. “A shelter was made so the birds could eat in this bad weather.”

Which of these photos made your day? Have you experienced such random doses of happiness? Feel free to share your experiences with the Bright Side team, we’re excited to hear them all!

Preview photo credit katchingupwithkenzo/ Instagram


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