8 Things Every Parent Needs to Not Lose Their Sanity

4 months ago

As parents, we go through countless sleepless nights and messy situations, yet we still wake up every morning determined to be heroes for our kids and provide them with an incredible life. Let’s face it, we all want to give our children the world, but sometimes we just need to keep our sanity intact. Luckily, Amazon offers a vast selection of products that cater to all of our parenting needs.

1. These medicated strips can safely, easily, and effectively remove common and plantar warts for your little ones.

Key features:

  • This is a maximum-strength wart remover that is available without a prescription and safe for your kiddos.
  • You won’t have to struggle to convince your kids to treat their warts because there is no need for a scary medical procedure.
  • They provide 3-in-1 protection by treating, cushioning, and concealing the warts.

Many moms wish that they had these bandages way sooner in their first aid kit:
— I wish I would’ve found this sooner! We tried the duct tape trick, but it didn’t work. This got rid of the warts on my son’s knees in 48 hours! The bandage stays put and doesn’t fall off, even on an energetic 5-year-old.
— So... we were using another Compound W product, which was freezing once weekly or every other week and using the horrible, smelly liquid daily. OMG. This was so much easier and worked way faster. Used to remove plantar warts on the toe, so needless to say, we ended up using more band-aids since they kept falling off at the end of the day. Still! These worked.
My daughter was very happy and preferred these to the freezing process and liquid. I wish I had had these before for my son. We spent so much money on dermatology co-pays. This was way easier, basically painless, and convenient. Thank you, Compound bandages! From a busy mom who hated to see her kids crying after the freeze treatments at the doctor :(

2. Trying to convince your kids to put on bug spray can feel like a never-ending struggle, but with these mosquito patches, keeping the bugs away from your kids has never been easier.

Key features:

  • These stickers are made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients.
  • They provide instant and effective protection in the first 8 hours, and continue to ward off those buzzing nuisances for a whopping 24–72 hours.
  • The small and convenient package makes them perfect for on-the-go adventures and travel.

Many reviews agree that these stickers truly do protect against bites:
— I bought these directly from the seller last year for a cross-country trip with my family. 17 states and 5 National Parks, and not one bite among us. I just ordered again, but this time through Amazon, for this year’s vacation. Remember to take the stickers off your clothing before putting it in the washer. Some stuck to the sides but were easy to peel off.
— I literally saw a mosquito about to land on my child’s face and then turn around once it smelled the patch. I know it says to use one patch, but I put two on my child’s clothes because she’s allergic to the bites, and this works so well for us.

3. An electric toothbrush for those kids who don’t want to brush their teeth.

Key features:

  • This awesome toothbrush set comes with 4 brush heads: 2 U-shaped brush heads made of food-grade silicone and 2 soft brush heads that you can switch to once your kiddo gets used to brushing teeth.
  • It has 5 ultrasonic cleaning modes with 60-second smart timing to promote the health of gums and teeth.
  • After being completely charged, it can be used for 2 months.

It seems that this toothbrush became a big hit for some households:
— ordered one for my 4-year-old grandson. He stayed with us this week and wanted to brush his teeth about 4 or 5 times a day! Easy to use and encourages teeth brushing.
When he saw the box, he asked me where the pink toothbrush was. I told him I didn’t order the pink but the blue, and he said he wanted a pink one too, so I ordered a pink one today. He took the blue one home with him. I’ll keep the pink one here! Great invention.

4. On the same point, use this timer for no more standing over each kid to make sure they all brush their teeth and wash their hands for long enough.

Key features:

  • With two buttons for tooth brushing and handwashing, this timer ensures your kid stays on track.
  • When the top light is on, it’s time to wash hands or teeth, and the bottom light will let your kid know when the cleaning mission is complete.
  • With 12 songs to choose from, your kid will be jamming while getting clean (but don’t worry about your ears; you can adjust the volume).

You’ll be able to keep your sanity and calm with the help of this timer:
— This has literally saved my sanity when it comes to my 8-year-old daughter and brushing her teeth. It changes songs every 10–15 seconds, which prompts her to move from top to bottom and side to side; it also makes brushing more fun and less of a chore for her. 10/10 would buy again.
— Purchased for my 4-year-old to help encourage him to brush for more than 3 seconds. This thing has completely exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure if he’s thoroughly brushing the whole time, but for now, I will be happy he brushes for the 2 minutes. The songs seem to be mostly Christmas songs, but whatever. He doesn’t seem to notice.

5. A curly hair children’s leave-in detangling conditioner to deal with tangled hair and bedhead fizziness in a matter of a few minutes.

Key features:

  • This leave-in conditioner gently detangles and restores your little one’s precious curls, thanks to the power of jojoba oil, vitamin B5, and plum seed oil.
  • It’s the ultimate curl companion that brings back the natural balance of their curls, reduces breakage, and improves elasticity.
  • Generously spray it on damp or dry hair for an instant curl revival, then using a wide tooth comb, work from the bottom up to eliminate tangles.

It looks like this spray really works like a charm:
— This product DELIVERS!! We use it on our toddler’s hair after baths on wet hair as well as in the mornings on dry hair for a curl refresh. It dries smooth with no crunch—just healthy, bouncing curls! We’ll never stop buying this.
— Love this. The spray nozzle worked great; this will be my new go-to. My daughter has the thickest, grizzliest, curliest hair, and this helps so much.
— My daughter has curly hair, and this helps detangle it, so it can be brushed. Then spray again to really bring out the curls. It seems to make curls last longer and not be as tangly at the end of the day. I would highly recommend.

6. A set of paints that lets your kids paint whenever they want because the paints can only be used on paper and leave no traces anywhere else.

Key features:

  • This paint set lets kids unleash their creativity without worrying about paint ending up on their skin, clothes, or walls.
  • The brush illuminates with the color it’s dipped in, making painting even more fun.
  • With 6 vibrant colors on the paint palette and 18 sheets of special paper included, your kids will have endless hours of artistic fun.

According to the reviews, this painting kit can delight both mom and kid:
— This is a wonderful paint set that doesn’t get on anything but the special paper. It works really well. At first, the paper is clear and a tiny bit damp, but within a second, color will appear. It’s great for little ones that like to paint on the tables and walls because it will not get on anything but the paper.
Now, when my three-year-old asks me to paint, I can always say yes and not have to worry about the mess. Thank you, Crayola.

7. Hydration is very important, but make it fun, mess-free, and convenient with this spill-proof kids tumbler with straw (your kid can literally throw it all over the place, and it still won’t leak).

Key features:

  • The leak-proof silicone seal around the straw opening, combined with the spill-proof valve inside, is what really makes it leak-proof.
  • And when it’s time to clean up, simply twist off the straw and toss the tumbler in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Plus, there is a big variety of vibrant patterns to choose from that kids will love.

Numerous reviews prove that this cup nearly never spills and saves moms time on cleaning, so they can have a stress-free day.
— I absolutely love these cups! They don’t leak unless you put something very acidic in them, so I won’t recommend putting Sprite or anything like that in them, just juices or water.
 My toddler loves these! She loves the look of a big girl cup, and I love that they are truly spill-proof. They come apart for easy cleaning, too. Very durable.
 I bought these for my kids, and they have been great. We have been using it for about three weeks now with no issues. I have put them in the dishwasher as well with no issues. I love that they can have their drinks, and I’m not constantly cleaning up spills. I will be purchasing more for sure.

8. It’s pretty tough to keep kids from getting hurt, but don’t worry — there’s a cream that can help their boo-boos heal up without leaving any unsightly scars.

Key features:

  • This cream is powered by cepalin botanical extract, which has been clinically shown to visibly reduce the overall appearance of scars.
  • It comes in a non-toxic gel form that goes on purple and rubs in clear.
  • But results take time, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see immediate changes because most cream users start noticing improvement after about 4 weeks, with optimum results in 8 weeks.

Fortunately, judging by the reviews, this cream really helps to heal various injuries:
— Works like it should. My 2-year-old suffered a burn and now, at 3, it has cleared up with no permanent scars.
— My 2-year-old has a deep scar from a gash he got in the middle of his forehead. This cream is making a noticeable difference in the texture of the scar. Definitely recommend.
It’s a bright purple color when applied. I like it that way, though, because then I can tell when he wipes it off.
— This stuff is amazing. It’s unreal how it just makes the scar disappear. My daughter got bit by a dog. It left a huge bite wound and a scar. It literally disappeared after about 4 weeks.

Once you’ve tackled some of those responsibilities, we’d love to help you establish a solid routine that will make your days run like a dream. And with the right products, you won’t have to worry about the little things and can focus on spending quality time with your kiddo. So, let’s make it happen with these awesome products!

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

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