9 Celebrities That Got Tattoos for a Reason

3 months ago

Every tattoo has its own meaning. It can be a reminder of someone’s parents, best friends, hobbies, or an owner’s personality. Hollywood stars are no exception: they also have tattoos that mean something. But the meaning of some of their tattoos is unclear until you pay more attention to them.

Bright Side will tell you about the tattoos of 9 Hollywood celebrities and the stories behind them.

1. Coordinates on Angelina Jolie’s shoulder

Angelina Jolie has several tattoos that reflect some of the things that are important to her. One of such tattoos is on her shoulder. Before, her husband’s name was on it — Billy Bob Thornton, a famous actor, but in 2003, they broke up so she had to get rid of it. Now, she has the coordinates of places where her close people were born:

  • A place in Cambodia — her oldest son Maddox.
  • A place in Ethiopia — her daughter Zahara.
  • Namibia — her daughter Shiloh.
  • Vietnam — her son Pax.
  • Coordinates in France — twins Knox and Vivienne.
  • And the last one — Brad Pitts place of birth in Oklahoma.

2. Miley Cyrus’s favorite things

Miley Cyrus is not afraid of showing the things she loves. Every tattoo that she has is a symbol of respect for her hobbies, friends, family members, and pets. For example, she has an image of her pit bull puppy on her elbow.

Another interesting tattoo that she has is on her ear. It says “Love.” It symbolizes Miley’s wish to hear only the good things and block the negative ones.

3. Mouse — Lady Gaga’s little sister

Lady Gaga says that the tattoo of a mouse on her arm is dedicated to her little sister Natali. The singer called her Mouse when they were small. The details of the tattoo also matter. The mouse holds a needle that represents Natali’s love for designing clothes and the thread around the animal’s legs makes the name Nat.

4. Brooklyn Beckham’s family code

David Beckham’s tattoo represents his sons and daughters. His oldest son Brooklyn Beckham decided to do the same and got a minimalistic tattoo “020511.” These numbers stand for the years of birth of his brothers and sister: 02 — Romeo, 05 — Cruise, 11 — Harper.

5. Megan Fox’s reminders

“We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” is the tattoo on the actress’s back. This is a phrase from Shakespeare’s play “The Tragedy of King Lear.” According to Megan, this is a reminder that she should always remain grounded even when she stars in Hollywood movies.

Another reminder on her body is the Chinese symbol for truth that says we should stay strong on the path to our dreams.

6. Feet as a symbol of battling cancer on Emma Stone’s arm

Emma Stone has a really important tattoo on her wrist. Emma and her mother got identical tattoos of bird’s feet to celebrate her mother’s win in a battle against breast cancer. The tattoo was made by Paul McCartney himself, inspired by Emma’s mother’s love for the song “Blackbird”, a song he composed a long time ago.

7. “Made in England” on Cara Delevingne’s foot

Made in England are the words tattooed on Kara’s left foot. This was the model’s way to express feelings she had during fashion shows. According to her, many models are treated like dolls or inanimate objects and this tattoo looks like the stamp they put on mannequins.

8. Piece of advice from a preacher for Kelly Clarkson

Singer and actress Kelly Clarkson has a small inscription on her wrist that says, “Love Them More.” When she was a child, Kelly asked a preacher, “Why are some people evil?” and he said, “Because they weren’t loved enough.” When she grew up, she got such this tattoo as a reminder. According to Kelly, when she meets an evil person, she remembers that they are evil because they weren’t loved enough.

9. Paul Walker’s angel is always with Vin Diesel

In 2013, Paul Walker died in a car accident. Back then, in order to always remember his best friend, Vin Diesel got a huge tattoo with eyes and wings that every Paul Walker fan is familiar with.

Do you have any tattoos with a hidden meaning? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

Angelina Jolie, known for her advocacy for body positivity, has taken a stand against societal pressures on women’s bodies, encouraging acceptance and self-love.


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