9 Hairstyles That Might Be Sabotaging Your Hair Growth

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3 years ago

It is said that our hair tends to grow anywhere from 0.2 to 0.7 inches (0.5 to 1.7 centimeters) each month. And while some of us expect to obtain luscious, healthy hair after just a few months, that isn’t always the case for everyone. Considering that the hair requires special care, sometimes we may be harming it by simply styling it wrong.

We at Bright Side would like to make you aware of these mistakes and show you exactly which hairstyles to erase from your memory if you’re trying to grow your hair out.

1. High ponytails or buns

Sleek ponytails may give us a polished, elegant look, but they sure cause a headache after some time. Having to pull the hair back and tie it up causes damage to your hair follicles, which can cause hair loss or problems with hair growth.

2. Messy buns while sleeping

Looking for cute waves or tamed hair in the mornings? You may have tried tying your hair in a bun to achieve such results, but beware, this may not be a healthy habit. Chances are, you may experience hair loss along your hairline due to strands being constantly pulled back in your sleep.

3. Wet hairdos

If you’ve ever tied your hair up while it was wet and then tried to remove the elastic band to loosen your hair, you’ve probably experienced breakage. That’s because wet hair can break more easily compared to dry hair. In these cases, always let your hair dry first before arranging it in any style you’d like.

4. Braids close to the roots

Braids are a fun alternative for adding a nice texture to your hair. But the problem is, having your strands of hair being constantly pulled back into tight braids may lead to a condition called alopecia, which leads to hair loss, and it decreases your chances of growing healthy hair.

5. Teased hair

There are tons of hairstyles that require teased tresses to get that extra volume on the top of the head. Although these hairstyles look pretty, there’s a hidden villain called backcombing. This technique causes the cuticles of your hair to peel back, leading to frizzy, broken, and damaged hair.

6. Straight hairstyles

If you’re straightening your hair on a daily basis or using chemicals or heat instruments, such as flat irons, chances are, you’re ruining your hair quality. Constantly straightening your hair without being extremely cautious may prevent you from getting that luscious hair, and instead, you’ll end up with broken, fallen strands.

7. Long hair extensions

Hair extensions add beautiful length and volume to our natural hair. And while it may be a simple solution for thin hair, having your hair pulled by the clipped extensions may cause it to fall out. Instead, you can opt for sewn-in extensions, and if possible, don’t wear clip-on extensions for long periods of time.

8. Wearing sunglasses on the top of your head

You’re having a great time on a sunny day and have to enter a building. But instead of putting your sunglasses in their case, you decide to wear them on the top of your head. Sound familiar? Although you may think this is harmless, wearing your glasses this way may cause your hair to break due to getting entangled.

9. Bleached roots

Bleached, colored hair roots add a fun pinch of style for those of us who love a new look. But the downside to this is that the chemical agents can damage your hair in the way it falls. If you have plans to get this look, make sure to consult a professional to understand the risks you may be facing.

Which of these hair sins have you been committing? Which one usually damages your hair the most?


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i do ponytails and sometimes buns when i feel lazy but now sinse we ae at home mostnof the time i let my hair down in a low ponytail


Alopecia is NOT caused by tight braids or hairstyles. It is a medical condition were the immune system attacks hair follicles all over the body, cause hair loss in patches and large quantities. Please do proper research before writing articles.


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