9 Physical Features Nobody Expected to Become Trendy

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3 years ago

During the time Rubens painted, big women were popular; and in the Victorian era, pale porcelain skin and thin wrists were on-trend. And today, trends can easily change several times within a decade, and all we can do is try to keep up.

We at Bright Side are sure that every person is attractive in their own way, even without following trends. But we’ve found 9 physical features that are really trendy today.

Bold brows

More and more celebrities and ordinary women have stopped plucking their eyebrows. Instead, they grow them out and let them become really thick. And even if they don’t look perfect, it’s okay. As long as they look natural, like Natalia Vodianova’s.

Grown-out roots

Not too long ago, grown-out roots were a sign of bad care. But today, many hairdressers admit that these roots are okay and shouldn’t be hidden. More than that, stylists even recommend showing the grown-out roots as much as possible.

No manicure

The trend for a more natural manicure or no manicure at all is now very popular. Fewer and fewer women have gel polish on their nails. Of course, there are still many fans of manicures, which is a trend that can survive a long time, but it’s simply less popular now.


Dimples have always been a very attractive physical feature. But today, they can be created artificially. Some people press on their cheeks to make dimples appear. And before they disappear, they’ll take a photo of themselves and show it to their friends.

To retain the effect for a longer time, you can use beauty products. For this, you need to use brown eyeliner and draw a small vertical line on your cheek. Then, spread the product with your fingers.

No foundation

Many girls are giving up on using foundation and concealers. They prefer natural beauty. Together with that, more and more people want to make their skin look (and actually be) healthy.

Cosmetologists claim that they have more patients that are interested in making their skin look fresh without makeup.

Long bangs

Long, thick bangs were really popular at the beginning of the 2000s and 2010s, and now they’re gaining popularity again. More and more celebrities are getting bangs. And on some women, they look great because they bring the facial features together and draw attention to the best parts.

Natural hair color

Dyeing one’s hair is something that many women love to do. And very often, women don’t change their hair color dramatically — they’ll just make their hair brighter, ever so slightly.

Interestingly, hairdressers and stylists recommend people to value the things nature gave them.

A round face

In the past, girls wanted to change the round shape of their faces. They contoured their cheekbones to make the shape sharper. But now, some girls are trying to achieve the effect of a round and shiny face because it’s an indicator of young and healthy skin. They use collagen-filled beauty products. It helps to restore the structure of the skin and its elasticity.

Dark under-eye circles

According to classic beauty standards, dark under-eye circles are considered to be a bad thing. Women have always tried to get rid of them using different care products. But recently, a new trend has appeared that battles the negative attitude toward dark under-eyes.

Many women make the area under their eyes dark on purpose, and this type of makeup has become incredibly popular. And videos where girls show the technique of doing this makeup get anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

Which of these tendencies surprised you the most?

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