9 Times Our Favorite Stars Shared Useful Tips for Us to Try Out

Most of the time, when we need advice, we go with our friends or parents. And, of course, our always reliable Internet search engine always comes in handy. But when we’re looking for a trustworthy tip, celebrities are our allies. From lifestyle hacks to skincare tips, these celebs are our best friends when it comes to giving helpful advice.

1. Jennifer Garner — pumpink carving hack

For all of us who’ve tried pumpkin carving, we can say that getting the seeds out of the pumpkin can be a nightmare. But actress Jennifer Garner is here to save the spirit of Halloween. She shared the hand mixer trick to remove the seeds easily and flawlessly and people are praising her for it: “If Jennifer Garner carves her pumpkin like this, then there’s only one way to carve a pumpkin.”

What you have to do is cut the base of the pumpkin, insert the hand mixer, and carefully pass it through the inside of the pumpkin. Then proceed to remove the seeds with a spoon, and voilà! It will be easier to clean, and you’ll have more energy to decorate it.

2. Chrissy Teigen — packing tip for traveling

We’ve all been in that situation where we don’t know what to pack when we go on vacation. Or worse yet, you pack a bunch of stuff only to realize you forgot your essentials, and then you get into that endless loop of not knowing what to wear. Well, say no more because Chrissy Teigen has our backs.

The celebrity shared on her Twitter her best advice for packing when she goes on a trip. She plans her outfits in advance and makes a lookbook with them, so she knows exactly what to wear and how to wear each outfit. If making a lookbook is too much work for you, try taking photos of your outfits and open a folder on your phone where you can save them all. It will be like a digital lookbook you always have on hand.

3. Halle Berry — the best secret to looking ageless

We love to see the skin of our celebs looking perfect on-screen, and we always want to know their secrets to always look immaculate. And this time, actress Halle Berry shares her best advice for hydrated skin that will give you that glow no matter your age.

Before putting on makeup, she sprinkles herself with rose water and lets it absorb for a while. Rosewater gives you a more youthful, lively, and fresh look without spending tons of money on expensive products.

4. Kim Kardashian — how to achieve glowing skin

The most helpful tips are those that deliver results while keeping your piggy bank safe. And Kim Kardashian’s secret to glowing skin is nothing more than simple sugar. The celebrity has shared that she uses sugar to exfoliate her skin and this helps get rid of dead skin cells. Kim adds it to her body wash routine and gets a glow that we want to experience too!

5. Julianne Hough — turmeric with her toothpaste for a bright smile

Here is the secret to getting a brilliant smile from the actress Julianne Hough. Her best ally to achieve those beautiful white teeth of hers is to add turmeric to her toothpaste. She incorporates it into her brushing routine and claims that the antibacterial properties of turmeric work for a shiny finish.

6. Bella Hadid — how to get better sleep

When falling asleep is difficult, some of us get frustrated and end up scrolling for hours on the phone, hoping to fall asleep at any moment. But this will only make it worse. Model Bella Hadid shares her best advice for unwinding and falling asleep. She loves listening to meditative music.

In a 2018 study, music was shown to not only be beneficial in helping to clear the mind, but also to help people sleep better and deeper. So now you know, the next time you have trouble sleeping, turn on your favorite meditation music.

7. Kristen Bell — an instant boob lift

One of the best-kept secrets celebrities have pertaining to the red carpet is how to look perfect in any dress. Kristen Bell shares her best advice on how to fake an instant boob lift without surgery and keep everything in place while wearing dresses with low necklines. All you have to do is get some skin-friendly tape and stick it from your chest to your shoulder. Repeat on the other side and enjoy the results!

8. Selena Gomez — voluminous lashes

There’s no doubt why Selena Gomez has her own beauty brand, she is a master guru when it comes to giving helpful makeup tips. She revealed that to achieve fuller, voluminous, and defined lashes, you must try this mascara hack. She starts by grabbing a pair of tweezers and covering the ends with mascara. She then proceeds to tweeze the lower lashes to achieve a defined lower lash look.

This easy hack got people commenting on social media “The tweezer trick had me running to my desk”. So we can surely say, that Selena is the queen of makeup.

9. Jennifer Garner — homemade magic shell

Once again, Jennifer Garner is here to give us another great kitchen tip. This time, she shares a recipe to make a homemade magic shield for ice cream. That perfect chocolate topping on ice cream is made with just 2 ingredients, and it’s the simplest tip for all you dessert lovers out there!

Bonus: Reese Witherspoon’s best advice on mental health

Reese Witherspoon is one of the most outspoken and real celebrities on TikTok. She shows herself on social media, and sometimes we feel like she’s our long-distance friend. In this video, she reveals the best advice she got while growing up.

Do you know any tips or tricks that are celeb-worthy? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit kimkardashian / TikTok


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