9 Tips on How to Ditch Little Things That May Spoil Your Look

No matter how disconnected we may be from the fashion world, our appearance matters to us and influences how we feel and view ourselves. For example, according to a survey, 50% of people said they felt their appearance defined their identity. This is why it’s crucial to pay attention to the small things that make you not feel like yourself.

1. Pay attention to your trousers’ length.

That depends on the style of the trousers... there's one that is supposed to be short like the first picture.


Flared and wide-leg pants are really in right now, but even if you’ve decided to stick to the classic skinny jeans, length is something you should pay attention to. Before purchasing a new pair of jeans, take into account your style.

If you’re the type of gal that loves wearing high heels, then make sure your pants are hemmed so they stop just above the ground. If sneakers are your to-go pair of shoes, pay attention to your pants’ length. Your jeans should always be aligned with the shoe line. You don’t want them dragging on the ground and getting all dirty.

2. Not matching your foundation to your neck

If you’ve ever spent time putting your makeup on, only to realize way too late that your face doesn’t match your neck, you’re not alone!

When purchasing your foundation, you should always make sure to swatch it in multiple places: along the jaw, the center of your face, neck, and chest, and to take into account the season of the year.

Your makeup routine should always integrate blending your foundation all the way down, over, and beneath the jawbone to the neck.

3. Wearing giant prints

Giant, oversized, bold prints not only make you look larger but also bring everything down. When in doubt, go with one printed piece and keep everything else classic and neutral.

Learning how to incorporate just one small-scale print at a time will give you a great foundation for mixing patterns later on.

4. Dressing in a way that doesn’t represent you

How we dress is about so much more than choosing clothes and colors: they affect how we feel about ourselves and how we express our personality every single day. This explains why we feel so different and uncomfortable when we wear something we normally wouldn’t.

One outfit can look absolutely amazing on your friend, but for you, the same outfit might make you feel uncomfortable, and that’s not the energy we want to put out into the world. Playing with colors, patterns and lengths, while still maintaining your style, might be a good way to spice up your outfit when you feel like trying something different.

5. Not embracing your shape

One of the most important aspects of finding the right outfit is to take into account your body shape. The right clothes should highlight your shape and emphasize your best features. Your body shape will determine which clothes suit you and which do not, along with how you can make the best of your wardrobe.

6. Not dressing according to your age

What looks good on us changes with time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking gorgeous as you age. If you’re not really sure what is right for you, you should stick to dressing classically, as it looks better as time marches on.

It’s best to leave behind the spaghetti straps and crop tops you used in your twenties and give your wardrobe an upgrade. Items like ankle-length dresses, pantsuits, and casual shirts seem like a much better idea when making style changes.

7. Wearing the wrong colors

Wearing the wrong colors is a common fashion mistake. The bright yellow or hot pink that you see your friends wearing might look amazing on them, but not so much on you.

Try out different colors and stick with the ones that look best on you.

8. Choosing the wrong pair of glasses for your face shape

Just like your body shape, your face shape is also something important that you should take into account when buying your glasses or sunglasses. Frames are the perfect way to show off who you are, your style, and what your personality is like.

You can always find suitable glasses for you. Just have a good look at yourself, familiarize yourself with common face shapes like square, oval, or heart-shape, and find out what to look for in your next pair.

9. Wearing the wrong bra size

Make sure your bra fits properly before buying it. If it rides up, leaves a gap in the front, or seems too tight, it’s best to put it back on the shelf. Try out different sizes or seek professional help to make sure everything sits perfectly.


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