With a Zero Chance of Survival, These Twins Prove to Be the World’s Most Premature Miracle

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5 months ago

Shakina Rajendram had to go into labor at just past 21 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy. Doctors said she would lose her children since there was nothing they could do to save them. However, one year later, both kids are alive and celebrating their first very, very happy birthday.

On March 4, 2022, Canadian brother and sister Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah were born 126 days, or 18 weeks, prematurely and had a combined weight of only 1.6 lbs (750 grams). Their parents were pretty close to losing them both. Truly, if they had been born just an hour earlier, there was no chance that anyone could’ve saved them.

A full-term pregnancy is usually 40 weeks. These kids managed to finish only half of the way. Their mother said she went into labor too soon, experiencing sudden contractions and extreme pain. She was rushed to a hospital where doctors examined her and said “there was a 0% chance of the babies’ survival.”

Despite the terrible prognosis, an ultrasound revealed that the twins were not ready to give up and were still very much alive. They had strong heartbeats and were not distressed at all. The parents also didn’t lose hope and pleaded with doctors for help. Luckily, there was another hospital that could handle babies born at just 22 weeks, and Rajendram was transferred there right away.

Believe it or not, studies show that such premature babies have about a 28% chance of survival. If they were born just a week later, this chance would increase to 55%. The youngest baby ever to survive was born at just 21 weeks and one day.

Doctors knew this information, so they told Rajendram to hold the babies in until they reached at least the 22-week threshold. They said they couldn’t help if they were born earlier. But as she was having contractions every few minutes, it soon became clear she had to give birth right at that time.

Immediately after birth, the twins were diagnosed with brain bleeds. They also suffered lung and kidney problems, as well as sepsis. The babies’ next 6 months were spent in the hospital under the watchful eyes of doctors.

Rajendram recalls that the news of a 0% chance of survival was not the only thing she was afraid of at the time. She had lost her first child a few months earlier, but when these twins were born, there was a high chance they’d have to live with significant disabilities.

But now, despite how they came into this world, the siblings are doing really great, and they’ve just celebrated their very first birthday. Their mother describes Adiah as “a cheerful and fun girl.” “She’s an extremely happy and social baby, and smiles all day long,” she said. “She is very chatty and has ’conversations’ with us and her toys for hours.”

Adrial is more thoughtful, observant, attentive, and intelligent. He likes to discover new things and examine them carefully, and just like his parents, he loves music. He’s been taken to the hospital twice since being discharged but has now outgrown his twin sister and is progressing well.

Today, the little ones are the world’s most premature twins. We wish them a happy birthday and are looking forward to seeing them celebrate many more in the future!


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