A Baker From California Bakes Cakes That Look Like Works of Art, and the Details Are Incredible

3 years ago

Ursula, Peter Pan, or Daenerys from Game of Thrones on a cake ... that’s when baking becomes confectionery art. Young art director, Liz Joy, decided to teach herself to bake, but she didn’t stop at things that just tasted good. Nope. Her pies and cakes are a canvas where she gives free rein to her imagination. So if you have the same kind of Thanksgiving pie every year and are looking for inspiration, this article is for you!

Here at Bright Side we are endlessly inspired by talented people, especially the ones that create gorgeous and delicious edible masterpieces.

1. A Halloween pie with Ursula from The Little Mermaid

2. A Game of Thrones-inspired cake covered with hand-painted cookies

3. A colorful pie for Liz’s father’s birthday, inspired by his childhood stories from Honduras

4. Little Red Riding Hood

5. When you wish upon a pie...

6. A League of Their Own-inspired pie

7. A birthday lemon pie inspired by childhood memories

8. Raspberry, peach, and blueberry pie with a cinnamon almond cookie crust for officially saying “goodbye” to summer

9. Apple pie made with edible art paint

10. Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, that makes our mouths water

11. Vegan blackberry pie with a cinnamon cookie crust

12. A colorful combo of sugar cookies and berries

13. Christmas mood pie

14. Peter Pan birthday desert

15. Frankencake!

16. A little Game of Thrones dragon cake with Nutella filling

17. A patriotic pie for Athens, Georgia

18. Festive and dreamy flamingo cake

19. Say hi to Charlie the Pitbull!

20. A buttercream pumpkin pie with hand-painted fondant roses and edible glitter

You can find more works by Liz Joy on her Instagram page, Facebook page, or website.

Do you bake pies yourself or do you buy professional ones? What was the most impressive one you’ve ever had?


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