A Banana Stuffer From Amazon Will Set Off a Firework of Flavors in Your Kitchen

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Feeding fiber to children is sometimes not an easy task. In the meantime, fruits and vegetables are necessary for our body, for the normal functioning of the intestines, and to provide the body with the necessary vitamins to maintain good health. It also reduces the risk of infectious diseases.

Parents are ready to try all sorts of tricks to add good things to their children’s meals. But perhaps with our idea, children will willingly take up eating a healthy snack. And check out the bonus section at the end of this article for more fun food items!

Introducing this cool banana stuffer that makes eating fruit really fun!

This is an innovative kitchen gadget that straightens and cores a banana while it’s still in its skin. You can fill the banana with your favorite toppings like Nutella, peanut butter, yogurt, honey, jam, or jelly. Come up with your own healthy snacks that are convenient to take with you! And don’t worry about how you will clean it, since it comes with a special brush for the narrow spout.

How it works:

  • Cut off the tip of the banana peel to expose the fruit.
  • Remove the core of the fruit with a hollow tube. Just gently insert it into the center of the banana until it stops and then pull it out.
  • Fill the container of this gadget with the stuffing of your choice.
  • Insert the spout into the hollow center of the banana and press the plunger. The core will then be filled with a sweet filling.
  • Remove the peel and voilà! Enjoy your finished dessert!

Why do we like it?

  • This will allow you to create an extraordinary snack, and not just with bananas! For example, fill a cucumber with cottage cheese, like in the photo above. And let your guests try to figure out how you did it!
  • This is a great way to feed fruit (and even vegetables) to your kids!
  • And the kids will surely love to use it on their own!

Check out these happy buyers’ reviews!

My kids love this tool!
We have gone through so many more bananas since getting this!
We like our bananas with Nutella and peanut butter — or a combination of the 2!
I tried this tool on a cucumber as well — I filled it with tzatziki sauce (be careful not to get any chunks of cucumber in the filling hole) and topped it with feta cheese — yum!
The tzatziki sauce seemed to be a little runny and tended to slide out of the cucumber. It might have worked better if I had placed it on top of a piece of pita bread or chip prior to serving!
I was surprised at how easy it was to put the filling into the tool.
It wasn’t the worst to clean, either!
My biggest issue with this tool is that I had a few seams where the filling would leak out.

Easy to use and fun to eat the filled bananas.
This is very easy to use. I recommend trying to get the straightest possible bananas that you can find so that you can go down further and with less effort. Curvy bananas still work, but you might end up coming out the back of the banana curve if you’re not careful, like I did on my first couple of bananas.
All you have to do is chop the tip of the banana off, straighten it with the provided tool, slide the coring tube in, twist it, pull out the center flesh, put the banana on the filling tube, put your filling of choice in, and then plunge the filling lever as you slide the banana off the filling tube. Easy-peasy!!
We used peanut butter and mango jelly, and our bananas were very tasty. We’re going to be getting Nutella and fluff for another banana snack session.
5 stars.
Nerdy Narwhal

Fun idea.
I love this, it’s not hard, just take your time. There are a lot of different things you can fill. Zucchini, bread loaf, donuts, muffins, burgers. You can put ice cream in cupcakes. Use your imagination!

Bonus! If you are a fan of unusual serving ideas, then we have some more cute ideas for your dishes. Cook with your kids and instill in them a love of healthy snacks!

5. This vegetable cutter is useful for serving fresh vegetables in the most appetizing way.

The sharp stainless steel blade will give your potatoes a delicious rippled look. Cut curly chips from cucumbers, carrots, and fruit to add more raw vegetables to your diet!

Promising review:

Brilliant gadget you never knew you needed!
Absolutely brilliant. Ordered after seeing someone use one on a Facebook reel, and I do not regret it!!! It was a bargain and is really easy to use. I was worried it would be blunt and difficult to cut through things, but goes through most veggies, etc., like butter.

4. Spiralizer for cooking delicious vegetable spaghetti. Mix them with regular pasta to add health benefits to your diet without drastic changes.

Open a new page of healthy eating in your cookbook! This durable and reliable spiralizer will turn tough vegetables into thin spaghetti that is rich in fiber and contains no gluten! Just simmer them in a sauce for a bit, and you’re done!

Promising review:

A new toy? No, an opening for a new lifestyle!
I bought the spiralizer after watching a YouTube video showing how to make zucchini noodles. The product is amazing and has so many uses. I now take less than 5 minutes to make my own coleslaw and prepare an attractive salad in about the same amount of time, and the various vegetable noodles it can produce are amazing.
I decided to go on a low-carb diet and needed to replace things like chips, bread, pasta, and rice. I wondered how I would do this. Enter the spiralizer... So many healthy low-carb options were available and all were easy to prepare and cook.
The free recipe book and numerous videos provide great support and lots of meal ideas for the future.
Richard Stead

3. The dough dosing tool makes baking pancakes easier. Less cleaning and more fun cooking with your kids!

The measuring cup and cake batter dispenser has a capacity of 900 ml, which corresponds to 4 cups. Simply fill it with batter, then press the small lever to open the spout. Bake pancakes in exactly the size you need, easily measuring the amount of batter that comes out. You can even draw a curly pancake on the pan!

Promising review:

Brilliant. It’s so helpful.
Lia ❀

2. Freezer silicone molds for your colorful desserts! Freeze fruit purée in them, add cocoa or layer toppings for a bright and healthy snack!

Made from pure food-grade silicone, these molds make healthy ice cream for you without an ounce of added sugar! Pour the smoothie inside, close it with the airtight lid, and put it in the freezer without worrying about leakage! It is easy to squeeze out little by little and eat without getting your hands dirty.

Promising review:

These are the best ice lolly molds I’ve used. They are well-made and don’t take up much space in the freezer. Good product.

1. Turn a kid’s lunch into a masterpiece with this sandwich cutting set! Carve vegetables into stars and flowers to make them a welcome meal.

Pairing fun sandwiches and vegetable cutters along with cute animal decorations will inspire your picky eaters to ask for their meal! The set includes 5 sandwich molds — in dinosaur, star, heart, train, and dolphin shapes, and 5 fruit cutters — in star, heart, flower, rabbit, and mouse shapes. As well as decorative skewers — in elephant, panda, rabbit, lion, and giraffe shapes.

Promising review:

Oh, my happy toddler!
Bought this since my little one is obsessed with lunchbox videos, she loves it, and having food in different shapes seems to be encouraging her to eat more, great product.
Julia Treleaven

Have your children cooked strange meals using their own recipes? Share the incredible combinations that came to their minds!

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