A Belgian Photographer Takes Photos of Creepy Abandoned Places That Show the Beauty of Europe of the Past

3 years ago

Photographer Christophe Van De Walle and his wife Isabelle are fond of exploring abandoned places. Christophe admits that he experiences indescribable sensations when he realizes how fleeting reality is, when he contemplates decay, or listens to the sounds that break the silence. At the same time, he keeps the locations where he took the photos a secret in order to protect them.

At Bright Side, we were impressed by Christophe’s photos. The abandoned look of these once majestic buildings might turn you into a philosopher too.

French castle in total decay

Abandoned greenhouse

Why didn’t the owners take the books when they left this house?

Abandoned castle in France: Nature has slowly taken over the place.

“A couple of months ago I visited this beautiful abandoned mansion in France. The architecture of this building was so amazing!”

“One of the most beautiful theaters I saw in Italy. It had been abandoned for many years.”

This beautiful room was abandoned for several decades. Time stood still in this villa. The kitchen cupboard was full of food, while the wardrobes were filled with clothes. Where did the owners go?

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite you. One of the most dangerous houses I’ve ever climbed in.”

If walls could speak: an abandoned dictator’s villa in Portugal.

This piano could no longer bear its own weight.

This synagogue was completely abandoned in 1994.

“I think their favorite color was green.”

Abandoned amusement park in Germany

Abandoned spa resort somewhere in France

Huge abandoned castle

“I found these old hearses in an abandoned monastery in Italy.”

The smallest room in a big abandoned castle in France

“I love to photograph churches. Especially those that are covered with dust.”

“I found this bedroom in an abandoned house somewhere in Italy. The only thing I didn’t understand was why they had an IKEA bed in this room.”

This power station was taken over by nature.

This beautiful Art Nouveau building overlooks the sea. After a part of it collapsed, the villa was completely abandoned in 1998.

This complex was supposed to be turned into a resort. The project stalled due to economic difficulties.

This 19th century castle has been deserted for several years now.

A church with a green carpet

“Sometimes we freeze to death when we explore abandoned places.”

What do you feel when you look at these photos? Tell us in the comments below.


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I love that amusement shot in Germany, I wonder if he had to wait in line for an hour :D


I would love to visit something like this but I probably would be too scared to check out every room :D


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