A British Hairdresser Cuts Homeless People’s Hair for Free and Gives Them Hope for a New Life

4 years ago

British hairdresser Joshua Coombes does the same thing as his colleagues do all over the world: he cuts hair and beards. But we have to mention that Joshua has unusual clients — they’re homeless people who don’t pay for their haircuts. Joshua says he wants to give disadvantaged people a second chance as, he believes, changes in appearance may cause internal changes.

Bright Side thinks these are the most amazing transformations from all over the world by Joshua Coombes, and we’d like for you to enjoy them.

22. Benjamin, Los Angeles

21. Tod, Santa Monica

20. Cedric, Paris

19. Joshua, California

18. Zack, London

17. David, London

16. Aman, London

15. Phil, London

14. Callum, Manchester

13. Spider, Miami

12. Michael, London

11. Travis, Alaska

10. Brian, New York City

9. Terry, New York City

8. Petru, London. He comes from Romania.

7. Laurent, Paris

6. Charlie, London

5. Darren, London

4. Joey, New York City

3. Guillermo, Barcelona

2. Malcome, London

1. Stefan, Dublin

Here’s Joshua Coombes:

He used to be a rock musician, and 6 years ago he became a hairdresser. Initially, he came out on to the streets with all the necessary equipment after his work day, talked to homeless people, and offered them haircuts for free. Today, he travels the world, meets his soulmates, and helps disadvantaged people, not asking for anything in return.

Activists have created their own hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing and started to spread the idea. Joshua says he receives messages from Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia, and Korea. The main idea of this movement is, “If each person from each city in the world does something good, this world will change for the better.” By the way, you don’t have to devote your whole life to this, you could just help a disadvantaged person once, and it may turn into a habit.

Do you like initiatives like this?

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I train ppl for free when they collect a steps2health gym pass off the doc and join the leisure center i go to. Compassion and being humble is the trie path to being content.
This is good. And maybe it's not "nothing". Maybe his actions will help these people, maybe he is that one push in their lives that will help him to start it over again, to fight and find a new job or something. His actions mean more than he thinks.

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