A Dentist Explains What It Actually Means If You Have “Black Triangles” Between Your Teeth

5 months ago

Anna Peterson is a dental expert from Essex. The woman regularly shares her professional dental tips on TikTok under the handle @annapetersondental. In a recent video that quickly went viral, she explained what causes “black triangles” to appear between the teeth. The woman also explained how to prevent them and make your smile even brighter.

Anna knows all about healthy teeth and gums.

Anna Peterson is a guru in everything that is related to teeth and dental health. The woman comes from Essex, and she has her own TikTok channel that attracts hundreds of thousands of people who want to watch and follow the expert dental tips. Anna speaks about various topics, like hacks for interdental brushing, teeth whitening and even the correct way to floss the teeth. In one of her recent posts Anna spoke about the phenomenon of “black triangles” between our teeth, and explained why they actually appear and what it means if we notice them.

Anna gave a clear explanation of those “black triangles” to her followers.

Anna posted a video and in the caption to it, she explained that those “black triangles” that we may sometimes notice between our teeth, are not always the result of poor cleaning. She revealed that sometimes the black triangles are a signal that inflammation has reduced after periodontal treatment. She explained further that actually these triangles may be a good sign.

Starting the clip, Anna showed a photo of a smile with “black triangles” appearing between some of the bottom teeth in a row. The woman explained that it’s actually just a space between the teeth and the gum. She revealed that it’s usually caused because the gum recedes up the tooth. Our teeth are triangular shaped, and at the neck of the tooth we do have a bit of space and usually the gum will fill that space. While speaking about it, Anna showed off her pearly whites, with not a black triangle in sight.

The woman went on with giving some really helpful advice.

Anna warned that if we don’t clean in between our teeth at least once a day, the gum can recede up the tooth. Speaking about how to prevent that from happening, she added that there’re so many various different things people can use to clean between their teeth, like interdental brushes, a water flosser or just normal string floss. But she admitted that, among all this variety of dental care instruments, she would highly recommend to everyone using interdental brushes. Anna explained her recommendation by saying they are clinically the most effective way of removing plaque bacteria.

She revealed that if a person finds that they really can’t get them between, then people should speak to their dentist professional and get them to check whether they can fit any size between and if not then a person should just use floss or a water flosser.

People’s reactions were full of gratitude.

Anna’s followers started taking to the comment section to thank her for the priceless tip. Some others came and asked for advice.

One follower asked what was the best way to remove “black triangles” that they had already noticed between their teeth. Anna advised that composite bonding seemed a really great way to mask the black triangles. She also added that surgery can be used to help people treat their gums that have receded just like in the photo that she shared.

Replying to someone else who complained interdental brushing was “painful,” Anna advised that the metal shouldn’t be painful against the teeth, and it’s all about the way people are placing it. If it’s placed too high up, the painful process is inevitable, according to the expert. In another video Anna spoke more about flossing and interdental brushing. And she explained that people need to floss every day, not only when they get their food trapped.

And here’s the list of habits that your teeth will absolutely adore and will thank you for adopting them.

Preview photo credit annapetersondental / TikTok


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