A Family Called Him “Stupid” for Marrying a Woman With Dwarfism, Yet Their Love Story Is Truly One-of-a-Kind

9 months ago

Yesi and Bryan, a couple with an astonishing three-foot height difference, decided to share their incredible story with the world, and it quickly became a sensation. Their love is like something out of a fairy tale, so they wanted to let people peek into their everyday life through YouTube video.

How they crossed paths.

Yesi and Bryan’s extraordinary love story began to unfold in 2017, a time when they first crossed paths in the vast landscape of the internet. What makes their story so remarkable is the staggering three-foot height difference that sets them apart. But love, as they say, knows no bounds.

Yesi, who’d often been told by her friends and even her mom to stick to dating people of similar height, decided to take a different path. Despite being 34, she’d never exclusively dated someone her own height. So, she took a leap of faith, defying conventional advice, and it led her to a surprising and deeply fulfilling connection.

Bryan, at 36, had an interesting start to their online journey. He saw a full-body picture of Yesi and instantly realized she was a little person. Instead of being deterred by the height difference, he was captivated by her.

Their first in-person meeting took the form of a dinner date, and it was during this encounter that their compatibility became glaringly evident. Yesi and Bryan’s connection transcended the boundaries of height, and their shared values, interests, and personalities formed the foundation of a remarkable love story.

As time went on, Yesi and Bryan’s relationship continued to grow stronger. A year after they first met, they decided to take a significant step and moved in together. Their love was clearly flourishing.

In 2021, they celebrated their deep commitment to each other with a beautiful marriage ceremony in the picturesque Bahamas. Surrounded by the beauty of the tropical paradise, they exchanged vows, pledging to be together for the rest of their lives.

But it was not all sunshine and rainbows.

Yesi, who’s just 2 feet 11 inches tall (about the height of a two-year-old), has a super rare condition called diastrophic dysplasia that affects only one in a million people. This condition means she relies on a wheelchair for her everyday life. The disease predominantly affects cartilage, resulting in shorter limbs and faster joint degradation. She remarked how simple things like reaching and opening tight objects could be challenging.

Now, Bryan, on the other hand, is a towering 5 feet 9 inches.

Yesi knew that it might take some time for her future in-laws to accept her, given her unique situation. But when she met Bryan’s mom, Maggie, things got a bit rocky. Yesi said their first meeting was tense, and it led to the couple not talking to Maggie for six months.

Maggie had some misconceptions about Yesi’s condition. She assumed that Yesi depended entirely on Bryan and that he’d have to be her full-time caregiver. But in reality, Yesi is quite independent. She can get around on her own, drive, and even work as a therapist. This surely teaches us not to judge a book by its cover and to appreciate people for who they are on the inside, regardless of their physical conditions.

The couple also faced relatives’ prejudices.

As time went on, Maggie began to realize that her concerns weren’t really about Yesi’s height but more about the idea of a lifetime of caregiving, given her medical background. Bryan also acknowledged that he hadn’t fully explained Yesi’s capabilities to his mom early in their relationship, leading to some misunderstandings. But once Maggie met Yesi and saw how independent she was, her reservations started to fade away.

When Maggie sat down with her son and daughter-in-law to discuss her concerns, it turned into a heartfelt conversation. Bryan asked his mom if she felt better about their relationship, and Maggie expressed her happiness for them. She recognized their love and compatibility and said, “When you get to know somebody, when you get to like somebody, you don’t see their height. If you bring Bryan happiness, and you guys love each other, I’m more than happy.”

While many of their friends and family were supportive of their relationship, Yesi and Bryan had to confront challenges from some close relatives. Hurtful comments and doubts about their ability to be parents due to Yesi’s stature deeply affected Yesi, leaving her feeling hurt and sometimes even excluded by her own family, despite their claims of love.

She shared: “I have learned that they make really mean comments such as it is crazy or stupid to be with such a disgusting person, whether or not we should or shouldn’t have children since I’m a little person.”

While they had to face such challenges, their love was getting stronger than ever, especially their commitment to one another. Regardless of what others thought, Bryan wanted to make it clear that his acts of care for Yesi were driven by love, not obligation. He highlighted their teamwork in adapting clothes to Yesi’s unique needs, as finding outfits that fit her length was often a struggle.

“I enjoy doing a lot of things for her. It’s not something that I feel forced to do or anything like that; I do them because I love her,” Bryan said.

A very special love story

When asked what Yesi admires most about her husband, she can’t help but smile and talk about his genuine care, unwavering support, and his knack for going the extra mile in their relationship. It’s the kind of love that warms your heart and makes you believe in the magic of relationships.

Yesi and Bryan’s story is living proof that love knows no boundaries. Looking ahead, they have big dreams of growing their family, whether that means having children or adding more furry friends to their crew. Bryan sums it all up beautifully, saying, “It takes two people to make a good relationship, and we try our best to do it. We live our lives, and we’re happy with our lives; that’s all that matters to us.”

Stories like this strike a chord in our hearts, and other people, like Yesi, who live with dwarfism, have shown the world how strong they are, just like this woman who proved everyone wrong.

Preview photo credit Love Don't Judge / Youtube


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