A Girl Shares Photos With Her Majestic Horse, and They Look Like Twins

2 years ago

Owning a horse comes with tremendous advantages, they give emotional support, they’re fun to be with, and they breathe elegance and pure beauty. Things become more interesting when you share everything with your horse, even your appearance. Naomie displayed some photos with her look-alike horse, Storm, that were deeply appreciated by her community.

We at Bright side fell in love with this pair’s charm. That’s why we interviewed Naomie to get to know more about her and her beautiful horse, and here are her answers and some of their stunning pictures as well.

Naomie has had a thing for horses since she was a little kid, and she took an interest in them and wanted to buy one of her own someday. She was finally able to fulfill her dream, and when she laid eyes on Storm, she said, “It was love at first sight, she is everything I ever dreamed of and more, honestly she could’ve walked straight out of my childhood dreams.”

Naomie was skeptical about Storm’s name at first, but she decided to keep it after discovering that her horse has quite a stormy side.

When describing Storm, Naomie told Bright Side that she’s very special to her. She said, “I’ve had her for 5 years now, she’s extremely sweet, she’s loving. She’s very smart and funny and I can trust her no matter what.” She continued, “Her looks and beautiful long mane make her one of a kind.”

When looking at pictures, we can spot the bond between Storm and her human, but Naomie’s words are a true representtion of their companionship.

Naomie and her horse have made quite an impression because of their resemblance — they both have similar curly blond hairstyles. When we asked about this lovely coincidence, Naomie said, “I never intentionally looked for a horse that looked similar to me, but someone sent her to me as a joke with a message along the lines of: ’If you decide to buy a horse, consider this one since you look alike.’ What started out as a joke eventually caused me to buy her for real.”

What’s great about the photoshoots Naomie and her horse do together is that not only does it show the love and affection between them, but also how alike they are. We love their photos, and what makes them look so perfect is Storm’s cooperation. According to Naomie, “She’s very patient during those times and as soon as she hears the camera click, she acts like a full-blown model.”

The 2 love to spend time doing different things, and they truly enjoy each other’s company. They’ll ride together, go for walks, or maybe just groom. The most important thing is having fun together.

Did Storm and Naomie leave you impressed after seeing their resemblance? Do you have a twin animal? Share your thoughts with us!

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