Watch: Groom Gives Vows to His Stepdaughter Making the Bride Shed Some Happy Tears (and Us Too)

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7 months ago

On the wedding day, the groom did something different. He didn’t just talk to his bride; he also had special words for the bride’s daughter. It was such a sweet moment that it touched the hearts of many when a video of it was shared online.

At his wedding, the groom had more promises to make.

The groom had another set of vows to share. This additional promise wasn’t a typical tradition at weddings. He began by addressing the assembly. He proceeded to pick up a young girl and invited her to join him on the stage. Kneeling before her, he grasped her hands and spoke with sincerity: “Not only today did I marry your mom, but I accepted you as my daughter. I promise to always take care of you.”

As he spoke, the groom made a conscious effort to maintain his composure, but his voice quivered with emotion from start to finish. The bride herself couldn’t hold back her tears, discreetly wiping them away as she observed her daughter’s new father express his heartfelt words.

Naturally, his vows wouldn’t be whole without a symbolic gesture. He gently placed a ring on his stepdaughter’s finger, signifying his unwavering commitment to her as her dad.

The man continued, “I know you’ve wanted to call me dad for a while, and we only recently agreed it’s okay.” He spoke about his determination to safeguard her and emphasized that all the other groomsmen were also there to protect her.

With the broadest smiles on their faces, they concluded the heartfelt moment with a warm embrace. After he had finished, everyone celebrated with the newly formed family.

Online, people praised the dad for his heartfelt gesture. They expressed their admiration for the beautiful moment and predicted that the young girl would cherish it for the rest of her life.

Viewers could see that the joy on that day wasn’t limited to just the bride and her daughter; the groom was equally delighted. His deep love for his wife and daughter was unmistakably evident.

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