A Guy Goes Viral for His Poorly-Drawn Pet Portraits and Raises Thousands for Charity

3 years ago

An English man who goes by the artistic name Hercule Van Wolfwinkle has raised thousands of pounds for a local charity by doodling people’s pets. All done for free and his spare time, the “rubbish portraits”, as he calls them, took the Internet by storm because of their uniqueness and humor. As a bonus, he comes up with names for the animals, since he’s only ever given their photos.

Bright Side now gives you a sneak peek into this artist’s ever-growing portfolio.

1. Jack Prickleson

2. Andy Histamine

3. Pauline Pipecleaner

4. Nicole Pigman

5. Carol Flooredaman

6. Gérard Depardont

7. Janice Hopper

8. Bobby Boomerang

9. Yvonne Parrot

10. Joe Sticks

11. Fernando Falkirk

12. Ricky Ringtone

13. Carol Valderrama

14. Rita Stringfellow

15. Parakeet Loaf

16. Daphne Gaffney

17. Cyan Cowell

18. Sonia Suave

19. Martin Moustache

20. Felix Foxtrot

Do you enjoy drawing? What artists’ work brightens your day? We want to know everything, and pictures are always welcome. Share with us in the comment section!


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The name of the artist is the combination of the most famous story characters. Hercule Poirot, Rip Van Winkle and his pet dog Wolf. That's my deduction. Anyways unique name.


They are not poorly drawn at all. Unique, absolutely recognizable and exactly the right amount of over-the-top!


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