A Horse Takes a Daily Stroll Around Frankfurt and Brings Joy to Its Citizens

3 years ago

Horses are very sociable animals and feel lonely and bored without company. But these feelings are not common to Jenny, a 25-years-old horse from Frankfurt. Every day for more than a decade she walks the streets of the city alone and makes new friends.

And it’s so amazing, we at Bright Side can’t help but tell you more.

She has a favorite place.

Jenny prefers to follow a certain path around the district. She likes to stroll near Main River and has a route that she follows every day. She goes by streets and tram lines, and stops in the fields to eat grass. Also, she never misses a chance to snack on any plants she finds along her way.

She is not a stray, nor is she lost.

It may seem like Jenny simply has no home and strolls around the city with no place to go. But in fact, she has owners, Anna and Werner Weischedel, who let her out of the stable for a walk every morning. And in the evening Werner finds Jenny in the city and tells her to go home. She never argues and returns without a fight.

There were 2 of them at first.

Earlier, she had a friend named Charly, who was the leader of their joint walks. And after her death, Jenny decided to not give up this wonderful habit. At first, her owners accompanied her, since they were worried. But after they realized that she would be safe, they let her walk alone.

She wins over people’s hearts.

The citizens of the town know Jenny and are not afraid of her. Cars go slow so they don’t hurt her and tram drivers brake and wait while she walks over the track. People in the streets are happy to see Jenny and pet her. She clearly brings joy and lifts everyone’s spirits. But nevertheless, a misunderstanding happens sometimes.

A special note is necessary.

From time to time people call the police. They think Jenny has run away. That is why she now carries a note around her neck that says she is just taking a walk and that everything is okay. She has never caused any troubles and isn’t dangerous for others. She is a very patient girl who just likes walking and exploring the city.

What do you think about Jenny’s tradition of walking alone? Would you like to meet and pet her?


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