A Lost Cat Keeps Staring Into a Random Family’s Windows, and the Story Gets Better and Better With Every Day

2 years ago

Cats are adorable — until they start staring through windows of your house and trying to get inside like crazy maniacs. And the whole situation looks even worse if you’ve never seen this cat before. This is exactly what happened to Erin Breean, who noticed this fur stranger while walking her dog with her boyfriend. At that moment, she didn’t realize that the cat was going to stalk her whole family for the next several days.

We at Bright Side have nothing to do but give a standing ovation to this cat who, used an amazingly smart tactic to reach his goal.

Survival instructors advise that you stay in one place if you are lost in the wild. It makes the search and rescue operation easier, and the chances you are going to be found increase. We believe that this cat somehow managed to overhear this information and perfectly applied it to its real life situation.

According to Breean, during their first meeting, the cat looked overly-friendly (let’s not mention the fact that he tried to attack the dog the whole way home) and well-fed. That’s why she decided that he could be lost. She didn’t want to take him to a shelter or a vet because he didn’t need any help and she hoped that this would allow his owner to find him faster. So she took several photos of him, posted them on Facebook, and left him outside hoping he’d leave.

Greg (yep, he got a temporary name) showed no signs that he was planning to leave though. He firmly decided to plant himself near the windows of Breean’s house and stare at the whole family. Sometimes he even tried to break into the house. And the family started to have doubts about what his real purpose was — to get inside, to find his owner, or to attack their dog.

A little bit of kibble and some water convinced the cat that his chosen strategy was correct. But the family thought the opposite and decided to ignore him. A little while later the cat disappeared, but only to show up near the back window. This time he added some pretty loud “meows” to be more convincing, attempted to get in using the doggy door, failed, curled up, and fell asleep.

The next day came, and so did the cat. He just hung out, staring at the family for the better part of the day, and would stalk them while they were walking their dog. Breean says that at literally any time, no matter whether it was day or night, they could look around and see those glowing eyes. It was both creepy and hilarious, he was always watching them. “Please for the love of God come and get him,” she wrote in her FB post.

Sometimes Breean just wanted to give a try and let him in. But she was afraid that he would threaten their dog again. This made her kick into over gear to speed up the search for the owner. She shared multiple posts on different sites, wrote a note and taped it to Greg’s collar, and even scanned him for a microchip.

Greg stayed with them for a whole 4 days, when, finally, Breean got a message from the owner. Greg turned out to be Kylo and his house was just a few blocks away. The happy reunion happened the same night. Breean now says that she even misses the cat and wonders what he is doing.

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Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Erin Breean / Facebook


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That sounds really creepy and if I was in that situation that family would get a big tell off. ????


Omg could he be more sweeter...I would’ve adopted him

How rare it is to find sweet behaviour cats...otherwise most cats just know how to show attitude


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