A Mom Pierces Daughter’s Nose for Likes, School Is Not Happy

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6 months ago

A mother, who goes by the username Tink on TikTok, has been receiving backlash after posting a video of her daughter Ruby asking for a nose piercing. Tink agreed to let her daughter get the piercing if the video got 25,000 likes. The video quickly gained traction and surpassed the target. So far, the original video had garnered more than 86,000 likes.

When the video hit 27,000 likes, Tink posted a follow-up video saying, “Remind me to never, ever do something like this again on an app where she is loved so much. So, yes, I am a person of my word. She’s going to have her nose done,” she said.

In the next video, a blue-gloved Tink could be seen piercing Ruby’s nose, documenting the process from marking the spot for the hole, cleaning the area, the actual piercing, and revealing the final result.

Ruby remained unfazed as the piercing was done, but the TikTok comments section quickly filled with people expressing their thoughts on the matter. Many were curious to know how the school was going to react to her new accessory.

Tink responded in a different TikTok video saying, “I did get a phone call from the school today, which we knew was going to happen. The teacher did stop Ruby and say they’ve got a no face piercing rule at the school, so we need to abide by it.”

“But the head of Year 7 did ring me, and we have come to a compromise. I said that for the next 3/4 weeks, Ruby will wear a little plaster over her nose to cover it up, and then while it’s healing in the summer holidays, I will buy her a see-through bar that she can wear at school in Year 8. So it’s not that bad.”

“We did get told off — we did get a slap on the wrist, and she was told that she wasn’t allowed in any lessons until they’d spoken to me.” “When we spoke to them, and I said that I’d compromise, everything was ok.”

Someone commented on that video, saying, “You are a great mum, and nobody should’ve said that to you.” Another person added, “Who would call somebody’s mum not amazing!! I don’t think they know how hurtful that can be!”

A third individual wrote, “You’re an amazing mom. Everyone is different, and you are just trying to improve your child’s life and make the school a better place to go to.”

While some parents may see nose piercings as a way to boost their child’s confidence, it is important to consider the potential risks involved. Piercings can lead to infections, scarring, and other complications. It is crucial to ensure that the piercing is done by a professional and that proper aftercare is followed.

As the shocking news of one mother piercing her 12-year-old daughter’s nose to boost her confidence shakes the world, another mother becomes the center of attention for an equally controversial act: filling her baby’s body with tattoos.

Preview photo credit cherries_87 / TikTok


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